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Potukadalai Thogayal / Roasted Gram Dal Chutney

Traditionally we prepare two varieties of chutneys to pair with Kara kuzhambu and Rasam. Both the chutneys are quite easy to prepare and healthy as it includes dal in it. Today, I am sharing one of those chutney as my partner in Shhh Cooking Secretly Challenge gave me the ingredients related to this recipe. As I had mentioned in my old posts regarding this Shhh Cooking Secretly Challenge rules, I was paired with a Co - blogger Priya Mahesh who blogs at "" and for July Month, the theme was CHUTNEYS. Got a chance to visit her page through this event and she owns a lovely space with loads of yummy mouthwatering recipes.

Potukadalai and green chillies were the two secret ingredients given to me and using it, I prepared a quick and tasty chutney which pairs excellent with Kara kuzhambu, Rasam and Curd rice.  Only three ingredients are used in this recipe to prepare a delicious thogayal. Thalimpu is not required as it is served with Rice. Potukadalai is nothing but Ro…