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Bajra Khichdi / Pearl Millet Khichdi / Hariyanvi Recipes

When we got the theme as Hariyanvi cuisine in our Shhh Cooking Secretly Challenge group, the first recipe which flashed on my mind was Bajra Khichdi as it is a traditional food in Haryana. Bajra which is also known as Pearl Millet in English is a variety of millet. It is rich in fibre and also has few important minerals like magnesium, iron and phosphorous. Since bajra takes time to cook, soak it for 5 - 6 hours or overnight which ease the cooking process. This khichdi is quite easy to prepare and also, does not require any over dosage of masala ingredients and vegetables. Innovation can also be done based on our taste bud and nutritious factor by including vegetables like peas, potatoes etc.

For the April month, I was paired with an amazing blogger Sujata Roy who blogs at She have a wonderful page in which loads of healthy, traditional and regional cuisines are there. Don't forget to visit her page to check out all her delicious recipes. Bajra a…

Monday Chit Chat With a HomeChef - Prem Kumar

There is a saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but when a man can cook delicious food I think the family must be really lucky :) I am really proud and happy to introduce my today's guest PREM KUMAR who is a big foodie and also who love to cook for his family & friends.  I am sure that by reading his chit chat everyone can understand the passion he has on food. Not only cooking, he also shares his other passion which also seem to be really interesting. I got to know this person through a foodie group and really amazed with his culinary skills. I always admire the way he encourage and motivate other foodies through his comments.

Thank you so much Prem for being my today's special guest and it is my pleasure to have your chit chat on my space.. Now over to Prem !

Priya : Love to hear few words about you and your passion. Who is your greatest support ?

Prem : I'm working as a business analyst in Coimbatore. My passion is cooking, photography, p…

Hong Kong Noodle Soup

This is my first time participating in an interesting event happening among food bloggers called Food Bloggers Recipe Swap. The concept of the group is that we have to recreate recipe from our co-blogger to whom we got paired with. This month I was paired with an amazing blogger as well as a trained Chef Mireille who blogs at I was truly amazed with the varieties of cuisine and recipe in her page. I have almost checked all her recipes from Recipe index and got into a confusion of which one to try. Even I had bookmarked few recipes to try them in the future. Such an amazing space and must visit page. While browsing her page for a recipe , my little one happened to see her delicious Hong Kong Noodles and got tempted as he love soupy noodles a lot. In addition, the word Hong Kong fascinated him as it was his first international trip. All the more reason for him to be back of me to prepare this Hong Kong Noodle Soup. As a mother, I fulfilled his cute request and he…