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Kids Lunchbox Recipes

Being a working women, my mother used to pack regular meals for lunch for us and we hardly ask for some variations in our lunchbox but nowadays, making kids eat is itself a major task. As a mother, we need to spend lots of time sitting along with them or running behind them to feed our kids but hard time begins, only after joining them in school.
Packing Lunchbox is not so easy as these kids expect variations and demand for different menu to surprise their friends and as a mother, it is our duty to make them healthy. I have listed few Kids Lunch box recipes which I follow for my kid. 

Oats Veggie Kuzhipaniyaram :

Oats has become one of the important ingredients in our life as it contains lots of healthy nutrients. But kids hate it because of its taste and gooey texture after cooking.So for a twist, I have added oats in dosa batter to prepare healthy kuzhipaniyaram. Oats veggie Kuzhipaniyaram is a small savory balls prepared with Oats, veggies and left over dosa batter. It is a perfect lu…

Watermelon Rind Kheer / 5 Ingredients Fix Challenge

Watermelon is one of our family's favorite fruit and it is bought home every week. While removing fruit for juice, I used to clean and store the leftover rind (white part) for regular cooking. I used to prepare Kootu, Sambhar and Kara kuzhambu with this healthy part of watermelon. Yeah ! It is very healthy as it comes under water vegetables like white pumpkin, bottle gourd... Last week, Instead of regular menu, tried kheer with these rind using only 5 Ingredients for one of my favorite challenge "5 Ingredient Fix Challenge" hosted by Lakshmi Vimala from cookingclub17. Our september month challenge was sweet recipe with exact 5 Ingredients of our own as part of Onam Celebration. As we all knew that Payasam / kheer is the important sweet for Onam celebration, so for a twist used watermelon rind in payasam / kheer.
It tasted very delicious and felt excited to see my hubby's reaction after his first sip. It was very creamy and delicious. Every sip tasted yum yum with a m…

Cashew Tandoori Chicken Gravy

Ending up with leftover foods after a party is quite normal but making our family members to eat the same food is very difficult. They expect variations so most of my leftover foods turns into a new recipe. Likewise, prepared this creamy gravy using leftover Tandoori Chicken and served with Chapathi. I had used Tandoori leg pieces as it was my leftover pieces. Creamy gravy with a smoky chicken flavor made my family happy and the joy of converting leftover into delicious curry made me happy :)

Ingredients :
200 gms Onions, sliced150 gms Tomatoes, chopped1 Tbsp Ginger - garlic paste1/2 Cup Cashew nuts2 Tsp Chilli powder3 Tbsp Oil1 Bay leaf2 Elachi1/2 inch Cinnamon stick6 Tandoori Leg Pieces1/2 Tsp Garam Masala1/2 Tbsp Kasuri Methi / Dry fenugreek leaves2 Tbsp Fresh CreamSalt to tasteWater, as neededMethod :
Soak cashews for 1/2 hr to 1 hr and grind into fine paste. keep aside. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan and add the sliced onions.Fry till it turns brown color. Remove and grind into fine paste…

Egg Fried Rice & Foodpanda Experience !

Rainy days, not only brings out happiness it also brings out our laziness. Yeah ! It's pouring cats and dogs here and I am feeling very lazy especially to prepare dinner. And Power shut down added all the more reasons to order my dinner from Restaurant couple of days back. When it comes home delivery, I order food only from our nearby known restaurants and never tried any online food portals. But for the first time, I ordered food through Food Panda and overwhelmed with the response from the Team. There was just few steps to get registered and selected my place to search for my nearby Restaurants. Amazed to see Restaurants which has varieties of cuisines to be linked with food panda. With all my conflicts in choosing food, I ended up with Chinese and ordered Egg fried rice and Paneer Jalfrezi. Menu was listed like in a menu card and felt like sitting in a Restaurant. Final completion was with the code submission which I was supposed to get through phone and I did not receive it. B…

Cantonese Sweet and Sour Chicken

Let me start with a lovely wishes to all "International Food Challenge" members for their successful event who is celebrating IFC First Anniversary. International Food Challenge is a monthly event to excel the world cuisine. I had joined this group few months back but unfortunately due to personal reason, missed out few wonderful events. I am glad to start my recipe post from this celebration month. As part of their celebration, 24 old recipes were recalled and given a chance to try and relish the menu. When it comes, non veg recipes, seafood recipes leads my list but this time tried my family member's favorite chicken recipe "Cantonese Sweet and Sour Chicken" hosted by saraswathi Tharagaram.
Though the process of this recipe looks elaborate and lengthy, this recipe is very easy to prepare and tasted very delicious. The flavor of each bite made us feel heavenly. 

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