September 25, 2015

Biscuit Cake / 5 Mins cake using leftover Biscuits / Kids Friendly Recipe

Happy to share one of my son's favorite cake, in fact he love doing this cake on his own, under my guidance. This is a must try recipe as it is easy to prepare with minimal ingredients and also easily available at home. The total time requires for baking is approximately 5 mins and that too in a microwave mode. Convection mode is not required for this cake, alternatively the same cake can also be prepared using cooker without whistle. For a sudden cake craving, this is an excellent option as it doesn't require All purpose flour, baking powder and butter. Since, I had couple of leftover bounce cream biscuits at home, I have used it in this recipe. Otherwise, any cream biscuits like oreo, bourbon etc or chocolates biscuits like hide n seek etc can also be used.

Here is the recipe for simple and tasty cake which can be prepared in a jiffy.....
Ingredients :

12 Parle g biscuit
12 Cream biscuit ( I have used bounce elachi flavored cream biscuit )
1/2 Cup + 2 Tbsp Milk
1 packet Eno / Fruit salt ( 4.5 gms )
2 Tbsp Powdered Sugar ( Increase according to sweet tooth )

Method :

First grind cream biscuit into fine powder and transfer it to a separate bowl.

Grind parle g biscuits and add it to the powdered cream biscuit bowl.

Add powdered sugar and mix well.

Add milk little by little and blend well to form a smooth batter. ( If the batter is too thick, adjust milk. The consistency should not be too thick or thin ).

Meanwhile, grease a glass bowl with butter wand keep aside.

Add eno / fruit salt to the batter and mix well.

Transfer it immediately to the greased glass bowl and microwave it for 5 mins.

Cool it for couple of minutes and slowly turn the glass bowl upside on the plate to remove the cake.

Slice and serve hot with Ice cream.


  1. Awesome Priya.. I have pinned it and will make it when I go to India.. Can't get those biscuits here.

  2. looks interesting :)

  3. This is something I would love to make for the kids... anything to replace the Eno?

  4. Thanks for sharing the best ideas....