August 5, 2015

Thai Basil Tea

When it comes to Tea, I always prefer it with an extra refreshing flavor by adding mint leaves or cinnamon or elachi etc. And my Today's post is also an interesting tea which is prepared using Thai basil leaves. This tea, not only enhances the flavor, it also gives a lovely aroma. The basil leaves has its own strong flavor and when it is boiled along with the milk, it blends well to give a refreshing flavor. The resting time (3- 5 mins ) after adding tea powder and sugar is actually to enhance the color and flavor of the tea. Adjust sugar and basil leaves according to the taste bud.

Ingredients :

250 ml Milk
3-4 Tsp Tea powder
3 Tsp Sugar
3 Thai Basil leaves ( For strong flavor, add extra leaves )

Method :

Boil milk along with the basil leaves and switch off the flame.

Add tea powder followed by sugar and close the vessel with a lid.

Keep aside for 3-5 minutes and boil it again in a simmer flame.

Once done, filter it and serve hot.

Serving Options:

Serve hot with biscuits or fritters.


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  2. I love masala chai so I am sure I would love this basil tea. It sounds really aromatic.

  3. I would love this cup of tea. By Thai basil - do you mean the holy tulsi? I have had that in tea and it's lovely. What tea powder do you use?

    1. Nope.. Thai basil, which we use in Thai cuisine. Red label ! Thanks a lot :)

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