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Chettinad Fish Curry

Recipe Source : Adapted from Tasty Appetite
Chettinad cuisine is the most aromatic and spicy cuisine which is made of freshly ground masalas. The dishes are really spicy and spicy lovers like me will  love this cuisine for sure. Heard that the Non vegetarian recipes are very famous in chettinad cuisines. Tried this fish curry yesterday for our dinner and this is my first try in chettinad cuisine.. Very delicious and flavorful. The aroma of freshly ground masala made us so tempting and mouthwatering. Served this curry with hot rice and Fish fry. Normally fish curry used to taste more delicious and yummy on the next day… And that to particularly with the hot steaming Idlis J So now you have guessed what we had this morning ;)
Adapted this recipe from Tasty Appetite. While searching in google, found this recipe and the mouthwatering pics in that blog, made me to try this delicious curry… Thanks Jay J
Click HERE to get the original recipe
Ingredients :
½ Kg Fish pieces ( I used Vatta / Paarai …

Green Peas Kachori and Dum Aloo - SNC Challenge 5

Cooking is like a Sea coz it never ends... Lots of recipes n techniques are hidden in that and only we have to swim and explore them. Luckily we got SNC Challenge group created by Divya Pramil who gave us an awesome chance to swim n learn regional cuisines :) So far we had completed 4 yummy challenges and it was a great experience to try North Team cuisines. And I must say that my family members are enjoying a lot by tasting varieties of cuisines in our menu. 
Not aware of SNC challenge??? Don't worry.... Here is a short glimpses...
SNC challenge is a friendly and interesting foodie challenge between North and South Team. Every 1 st of month, one member from North team will challenge South Team members with their regional recipe. And the south team members have to complete their task and post it in their blog before month end. Like wise One member from South Team will challenge North team members. Interesting Right ?? Yeah, it is :) 
The first challenge ( Oct 2012 ) was hosted by…

Friday Chat With Bloggers - Sangeetha From Nitha's Kitchen

Happy Friday dear friends….
Are you gals ready to meet my today’s special guest and our blogger friend ??
Ok.. She is an awesome blogger n lovely mother of 2 kids. Excellent in Traditional Kongu foods and I have to mention that she is a fabulous baker too… She loves baking and you can find lots of baking goodies in her blog. she is none other than SANGEETHA PRIYA from Nitha’s Kitchen
Personally I love her baking stuffs and recipes from kongu foods… I have bookmarked one of my favourite recipe from her blog too but yet to try.. Its nothing but, her traditional kongu style arisi parupu sadam… I just loved it and really waiting for the chance to try :)
Ok.. Now let’s hear from sangeetha….

Priya :Love to hear few words about you n your blog and who is your greatest support?

Sangeetha : I am a full time homemaker cum busy mom for 2 kids. Before marriage like everyone says I never involved in cooking. After getting married I quit my job and was alone at home that made me to develop my cooking s…

Choco Steamed Balls Stuffed With Choco Chips n Butterscotch

Very happy to participate in Viji’s and Gat’s “Show me your styles to the world “ Series. Every month 2 ingredients will be listed and have to innovative dishes with that using either one or both. Being valentines month, we got a lovely two ingredients to try.. It’s nothing but yummy chocolates and choco powder. Very perfect for this season, right? I tried using both the ingredients and prepared this choco steamed balls with choco chips and butterscotch stuffing….It tasted truly divine with the bite of melted chocolate n butterscotch.. I have prepared the outer layer with mild sweet so that it blends well with the choco sauce which was stuffed inside…. A perfect evening snack for kids and of course elders can include this in their menu since it’s made of less sweet..Variations can be done by stuffing dry fruits along with the chocolates to make it more delicious… 

Ingredients : 1 Cup Rice Flour 1 Tbsp Icing Sugar ( or powdered sugar ) 2 Tsp Choco Powder Hot Water, as needed ¼ Cup Choco-chip…

Friday Chat With Bloggers - Jillu Anand From Jiya's Delicacy

Happy Valentines Day Friends J
Hope you all had a great day yesterday....  And coz of weekday, I guess some of u have postponed the plans for this weekday....Like me ;) And on this occasion I want to thank you all for your continuous support and love ! Am receiving lots of mails reg this Friday Chat With Bloggers too... Thanks a lot friends.
If you have missed my previous Friday Chat With Bloggers.... Don’t Worry !!
Here it is.....
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And today we are going to meet a sweet n energetic blogger, Jillu Anand From Jiya’s Delicacy. She owns a lovely blog with lots of yummy and delicious recipes. I love all her non veg recipes and quick recipes like snacks... Click HERE to enter into her Foodie world.  Now let’s hear from Jillu... So are you ready to know about her favourite’s and her kitchen experience ??
Over to Jillu....