February 28, 2013

Friday Chat With Bloggers - Nabanita From Esho-bosho-aahare

Yay !!! It’s Friday again….  

Come and join me to meet our today’s blogger friend Pinky (a) Nabanita from “ Esho-bosho-aahare “. Very different and interesting name…right? Want to know the meaning…. Just click HERE.. You will be directed to her foodie world.. She had given a beautiful meaning for this name..  

If you are in searching for traditional Bengali cuisine..then don’t miss her blog..  Very delicious and yummy recipes hidden in her lovely blog…

Let’s see what pinky shares with us…

 Priya : Love to hear few words about you n your blog and who is your greatest support?

Pinky : Priya I am a Bengali Girl form Kolkata. Before marriage I had interest in cooking but not in regular basis. After marriage I shifted to Pune and there I got the chance to experiment with my cuisines… It was really a lovely moments.. sometimes I was successful and sometimes failures but still it has some special values for me as I was a learner at that time.

But Priya to be a very honest if you ask that when you started blogging? I cannot explain you the exact reason or time! It was started eventually ..It was 2009 ,very long back I think. I was searching for something then I got the sweetest and cutest Happy sharing time pass for me. But now I am just Parent of my Blog. Currently I have two cute cute kids .”Wait” one of them is my Son Tojo and another one is my Blog. Yes I take care about it like a child. Are you laughing? Its true Priya, now I cannot think anything without my blog! Trying to do better and better. That’s it.
And for me my great supporter is my all family members and Husband too. They all are encouraging me with a good supports.

Priya : Who is your favourite chef and what would u cook for him, if you get a chance to serve him?

Pinky : My favourite chef. This is none other than my Mom. Because my first lesson for cooking I started from my Mom. I think she is a great Cook. I got the enthu to cook various recipes as My mom did when Me and My sister was too small. She tried each and every recipes for so many times whenever we asked to do that one. There was no tiredness to serve for many times. I feel this is very much. Thank You Maa.
And for this sweet person I want to make really some special Dish which she likes most and that is “Steamed Hilsa “ a typical Bengali Delicacy. My mom likes it heavenly.

Priya : What comes to your mind when you hear the word “ spicy “?

Pinky : For “Spicy “ – first word is yumm and then something really Hot in red color sauce or gravy dish. It can be a non-veg or Veg.

Priya : Name any three ingredients which you will never miss in most of your recipes?

Pinky : Name of Three ingredients Salt, Oil and Chili which I will never miss in most of my recipes.

Priya : Can you share us about your first cooking experience?

Pinky : Yes of course ! It was a ridiculous moment. Before marriage when we bought one microwave machine for first time, some how I wanted to try different dish to experiment with the leftover ingredients at my home. I found one panner packet , milk, lemon and some other spices. With very little knowledge I started to walk into the cooking field I mixed all the ingredients and hope now you can realize the situation … !!! :(

All my family members including sister, cousins they all were laughing at me to see the recipe result. Still they are laughing remembering that one when we were sitting together.

Priya : Please share some kitchen tips or secrets of yours…

Pinky : My Cooking Tips :
·        To save gas, boil eggs into pressure cooker. Warning: In that case you have to dip eggs fully into water and cook from low to high flame upto 3 whistles.
·        If oil fall down on the floor/slab , firstly sprinkle little wheat flours and wipe with a dry cloth/towel. Then wipe with a wet cloth/towel.
·        To make sour less curd keep 1 inch coconut pcs into the milk.

Priya : What do you like in my blog and please share your suggestions to improve mine.

Pinky : Priya you have a lovely blog with nice collections of recipe. So many varieties are there. Some Awards are saying that you truly deserve these Awards for your contribution.
And to be very frank it will be a kind of suggestion from me to you that, I noticed that you have minimum collections regarding snacks items. So it will be very nice if you add more snacks items in your blog. Hope you got the point. It is a friendly suggestion only, hope you will never mind!

It is a really a Happy moment for me that today I am sharing a flavorful rice recipe in Priya’s space. Thanks to Priya for this nice Invitation. 
Now over to the recipe. Methi rice is a aromatic rice which goes very well with any kind of side dish. It’s an easy and quick rice recipe which you will love definitely. I always do experiment with rice recipe. So this is another chance to do one more experiment with rice. I took the chance and you cannot believe it was just awesome. May be many people has its own version. Try this version also. Its really a nice one. Even it goes nicely with simple dal fry. But one suggestion for you that please use only Everest dried fenugreek leaves to get authentic flavor.  So Dears try this out.

Methi Rice

Ingredients :

·        2 Cups Basmati Rice Soaked for ½ an Hour
·        1 tsp Ginger Paste
·        1 cup dried Fenugreek leaves (Everest Company)
·        2 tsp Cumin seeds
·        1 pinch Asafoetida
·        2 Green Chili chopped
·        3 tbsp White oil
·        Salt to taste
·        2 tsp White Pepper Powder/ Shah Marich
·        2 stick Cinnamon
·        2 Cardamom
·        2 Cloves.

Method :

·        Cook rice with little salt, cardamom, cinnamon stick and cloves in High Microwave Mode for 20 mins using 4 cups of water. Give Standing time for half an hour for best result.
·        Heat oil in a pan.
·        Add cumin seeds, ginger paste and asafetida and wait till fragrant.
·        Now add fenugreek leaves and sauté for a while.
·        Add cooked rice and mix well.
·        Now Sprinkle white pepper powder and chopped green chili and cover with a lid for sometimes.
·        Flavorful Methi Rice is now ready to serve

Thanks Pinky for sharing a healthy and flavorful rice along with an interesting chat.. Enjoyed a lot and will make sure that I include few more snacks recipes in my blog.. Thanks for your friendly suggestion !!! Am sure that our friends will enjoy this yummy rice and interesting chat..

Happy weekend friends… Will meet you all with another interesting blogger next week…same day!!!


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