July 30, 2020

Instant Rava Idli

Instant Rava Idli

Instant Rava Idli is an easy, tasty and healthy South Indian breakfast using Rava / Semolina and Yogurt!

Rava Idli is a wonderful keeper recipe for me when I run out of batter or when my family gets sudden craving for Idli. Rava idli does not requires fermentation so it is easy to prepare and goes well with coconut chutney or peanut chutney and sambhar

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Ingredients used in this recipe... 

Rava which is also known as semolina is used in this recipe. You can also use Bansi rava than the regular ones to make it more healthy. 
Yogurt - I have used regular yogurt / curd in this recipe. 
Veggies - Green chillies, ginger and green peas are the veggies included in this recipe. The same recipe can be made more nutritious by including grated carrots, spinach or dill leaves, sweet corn kernels etc.. 
Seasoning - Apart from mustard, cumin, curry leaves and hing, I have included chana dal and groundnuts in this recipes which gives a lovely crunch in each and every bite. So, include more if you like it. Cashews can also be added. 
Eno - Eno along with the yogurt makes the idli soft and spongy. Always make sure to add eno only after the water boils in the steamer. The idlis should be ready to go for steaming once the eno gets mixed in the batter. Baking soda will also work great instead of eno. 

Instant Rava Idli

About the event...

Prepared this instant rava idli for an event Shhhhh Cooking Secretly Challenge which is happening every month among food bloggers with an interesting theme. This group is managed by Mayuri di who blogs at Mayuris Jikoni. Every month, one of the blogger will get a chance to suggest a theme and followed by bloggers getting paired with  each other. Likewise, for this month the theme of steamed food was suggested by Anu Kollon who blogs at Entethattukada. When I visited her page, I was impressed by the varieties of pickle recipes on her webpage like Dates Pickle , Manga Achar etc. Apart from that, there are many more interesting recipes like  Kallumakkaya FryBanana Walnut Muffins etc. Don't forget to check it out! 

Coming to my partner of this month challenge, I was paired with Aruna Saraschandra who blogs in the name of Vasuvegkitchen. She is a wonderful blogger and her webpage has many interesting recipes like Baingan Ki Lonje ( Uttarpradesh famous Brinjal Curry ), Omapodi, Carrot & Corn Soup, Karnataka Style Puliyogare, Besan Ladoo etc. For the challenge, she gave me green chillies and ginger as my secret ingredients and in-turn, I gave her red chilli and coconut as her ingredients. She prepared a delicious Kara Amini Kozhukattai. Check out her page for the detailed recipe.. 

Instant rava Idli

Ingredients :

2 Tbsp Oil 
1 Tsp Mustard seeds
1 Tsp Cumin seeds 
2 Tbsp Chana dal 
1 Tbsp Groundnut, roasted and peeled
2 Sprigs of Curry leaves
A pinch of Hing 
1 Finely chopped green chillies
1 Tbsp Finely chopped ginger 
1/4 Cup Green peas 
1 Cup Rava 
1/2 Cup Curd / Yogurt 
Salt to taste 
Water as required 
1/2 Tsp Eno / Fruit salt 

Method :

Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds. 

Once it starts spluttering, add cumin seeds followed by chana dal, groundnut, hing and curry leaves. 

Fry and add green chillies followed by ginger and green peas. 

Now add rava and roast it for a minute. 

Remove from the flame and cool the mixture. 

Add the measured curd to the rava mixture and mix well. 

Add about 1/2 cup of water along with the required quantity of salt. 

Mix well and keep aside for 10 - 15 minutes. 

Meanwhile, heat water in a steamer pan and set ready to prepare idli.

Now add 1/4 - 1/2 cup of water to get the idli batter consistency. 

Add the measured quantity of eno and mix well. 

Brush oil on the idly plates and pour one ladle of batter on each section. 

Steam it for 7 - 8 minutes and remove from the flame.

Serve hot. 

Instant Rava Idli

Serving Options :

Serve with chutney and sambhar. 

Instant Rava Idli

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July 22, 2020

Tuna, Apple, Green peas and Hummus Sandwich / Healthy Sandwich

This is a delicious and nutritious sandwich prepared using Tuna,Apple, Green peas, Lettuce, Hummus and Bread.

Sandwich is such a versatile recipe where food such as vegetable, meat, seafood or cheese are stuffed in-between two bread slices. Personally, I love my sandwich with lots of veggies along with any type of meat or egg. Today's recipe is a delicious healthy sandwich in which I have included veggie, fruit and seafood. A glass of fresh juice and this healthy sandwich makes a balanced meal to start a wonderful day. 

Ingredients used for this recipe :

Tuna is usually canned in edible oil, in brine or water and in this recipe, I have used Tuna which is canned in water. The addition of green peas made the sandwich nutritious and the sweet and sour taste from the red apple gave a lovely flavour to the sandwich. The quantity of hummus is purely one's choice. The addition of more hummus gives a delicious creamy texture so adjust according to the preference. Preparing hummus is quite easy and all you need are chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, Tahini, cumin and salt. I will be posting hummus recipe soon. Alternatively, you can use store bought hummus which is widely available in supermarkets with lots of flavours. There is no specific measurement for lettuce leaves so use it accordingly. I love adding extra lettuces to my sandwich :) And the final ingredient is bread, I have used brown bread which can also be substituted with any type of breads. I did not include salt and pepper in this sandwich but you can add according to your taste bud. 

OH YES! You can do variations..... 

Many variations can be done to this simple healthy sandwich by including more veggies like grated carrots, boiled potatoes, cherry tomatoes, avocado and herbs like parsley, chives, etc. To make it flavoursome, spread mint chutney on the toast and then place lettuce leaves. 
Don't like seafood ? Then, just replace tuna with chicken. Trust me, it will be equally delicious. 

Ingredients :

1 Canned Tuna 
1 Apple, Medium sized 
1/4 Cup Green peas, cooked 
1/4 Cup Hummus 
Fresh Lettuce leaves 
4 Brown bread slices, Toasted

Method :

Drain liquid from the canned tuna and transfer it to a bowl.

Add chopped apple followed by cooked green peas and hummus. Mix well. 

Take one toasted bread slice, place the fresh lettuce leaves and evenly spread the prepared tuna mixture. 

Cover it with another slice of toasted bread and serve. 

Repeat the same for the remaining slices. 

Serving Options :

Serve with fresh juice.