January 14, 2013

Event Announcement - Friday Chat With Bloggers !

Friday is the magical day of every week.... It puts a smile on most of our faces... 
Office-goers planning their weekend with kith & kin... kids on their games... movie-buffs on the Friday releases... the elderly would schedule some auspicious activity for the day and of course Us - foodies... On what to cook special for the weekend to our loved ones at home. 

Well... Now you all can add to this list another exciting activity - Am gonna celebrate every Friday with an interesting chat with lots of yum-yum drool-drool recipes as guest posts.. Interesting right :) Guests would be encouraged to share their speciality recipe for all our benefit... Now, know all your co-bloggers and know their specialities too!!!... 

So, Are you Ready for a Chat this Friday :) 

Don't Miss It !!!!

If you are interested in participating in my Friday Chat, pls do mail me at priyasmenu@gmail.com 
Will mail you the details individually..
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