October 2, 2016

Feast n FEAZT !

Nothing like feasting like a KING on a weekend and that too in the middle of some stressssssssssful days (son's examination). Yeah ! Got an amazing day to pamper ourself with some wonderful food and friends. And in today's post, I would love to share the experience and happiness of that sumptuous meal which we had on last Sunday.

Info about FEAZT :

Feazt is an amazing platform to bring Homechefs and Foodies under one homely roof to enjoy the sumptuous meal in a traditional way. This idea helps in learning new cultures and interesting facts about the tradition and food being served in different states and places. Click HERE  to know more about this FEAZT! The Feazt is organised in many places with some exciting concepts.

Ever since we heard about this Feazt, a social dining experience which is happening in Hyderabad, we three (myself, my husband and my bro) were interested to feel the experience of having home meals along with other unknown foodies. The idea of this event sounds very interesting, Right ?

The listed mouthwatering menu and the keen of knowing kakinada's food culture made us to book Cocanada Stories on 25th October, which was hosted by Saroja Bylluppala.  But the continuous rain for a week before the feast day made us really worried about attending the event, which made by brother to cancel his flights. But the smile of sun before the feast day gave a big relief and increased the anxiety of attending the event. I bet, if you are a big time foodie like us, the menu itself would make you drool ;) 

And finally, the wait was over! We travelled about 15 kms from our place to reach the host place. The warm welcome by Mr. Gopi and his family members gave us a comfortable feel and Oh Yeah, did I mention that the aroma of food made us hungry before entering the house ;) It was so nice to meet the other foodies who shares the same frequency of us on food.

 Our Host !

As we settled ourself, the host brought a couple of bowls filled with crispies to munch. We began our meal with Kodi pulao, chicken which cooked in a one pot meal process along with spices - tasted so delicious with the perfect texture of rice. To accompany the rice, they served a flavourful curry prepared using chana dal and goat, which is called as Chanagapappu Veta Mamsam Koora. I must say this combination was absolutely divine and flavoursome.

Kodi Pulao !

There were quite a varieties of main course like Mulakkada Royyalu Iguru, Chepala  pulusu, Peetala Iguru and Chepa vepudu to go with hot steamed rice. Personally, I felt Mulakkada Royyalu Iguru and Peteela Iguru were the show toppers. The prawns were cooked so perfect and also tasted juicy. The freshness of prawns and the flavour from drumsticks complimented each other to give a finger licking curry. The crab was cooked brilliant along with the spices, in fact the gravy by itself tasted flavourful  which made me to divide the curry into three parts to serve with hot rice, rasam rice and curd rice.

    Mulakkada Royyalu Iguru

Peteela Iguru 

Fish Fry 

The picture itself speaks a lot about this fish fry. The fish was cooked with the perfect blend of masalas and this became my son's most favourite dish. (After returning to our home, he did mention about the fish and asked me to prepare the same :))

My son who enjoyed the yummy fish fry with Rice !

And the meal ended up with some spicy and tangy Miriyali Rasam and Curd. I personally feel that preparing a simple curd is also an art. Being a curd lover, I loved the texture of the curd which actually looked like a cream of ice-cream. Absolutely creamy and thick :)

Food and Chat ! Loved it !

Last but not the least, comes the surprise dish "Minapu Vadiyalu Curry" which is traditionally called Kosaru. According to Kakinada tradition, one surprise dish is served to the guest which was not on the menu. This dish was absolutely new to me and the name itself sounded interesting. The first look of the dish reminded of soya but interestingly it was made of vadiyalu and served along with rice. It indeed tasted delicious and yummy. 

Minapu Vadiyalu Curry

Though my stomach was over loaded, I did not miss the yummy kesari with fruits, which also had the perfect level of sweetness according to my sweet tooth.

Me enjoying meals !

   Co - Foodies  !

Loads of conversions about food while eating was really fun !

 My busy husband ;)

Really appreciate the hospitality rendered by the hosts!!! We never felt as if we were in a new place and new people were around us. We were so comfortable and it felt like we were having lunch with our long time friends and family place.  The food was also served with so much love and care. Infact, one of the hosts taught our guest, the perfect way of eating crab which was so homely and friendly. We were literally pampered so much by serving us great food which made our day :)

After a great meal, we had a group photo session and ended our meet with a small chat. A beautiful rose given by the host while leaving was a lovely send off moment.  We somehow tried to control our sleep after this big feast and reached home.... Then, a BIG nap ;)

Feazzzzttt !

Thanks to Cocanada Stories team for making our day very memorable by serving us a grand feast. The one who missed this event (my bro) is already planning the same feast during his next visit to Hyd.

Happy Eating !

 Photo Credit - Feazt !

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