April 21, 2017

Carrot & Pomegranate Milkshake / Summer Specials

Here comes my another interesting and healthy summer cooler using a vegetable and fruit. I am in love with my Summer special series which keeps me busy and drives me to think of more tasty and healthy drinks. Check out my Co-bloggers Sujitha Ruban and Shobana Vijay's pages to indulge lots of delicious coolers, who are also in the part of this series.

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This is one of the healthy drink for kids as well as adults. The combination of Pomegranate and Carrot makes a delicious drink and also a serves as a great nutritional summer drink. The carrots and pomegranate are blended along with a milk and sugar into smooth puree is further strained using strainer to give a yummy drink. It is always good to consume juice without straining but pomegranate seeds gives a light sandy texture which doesn't give a pleasant drinking. So, the straining part is completely optional.

Ingredients :

1 Cup Pomegranate 
2 Medium sized Carrots, chopped
1 Cup Milk 
2 Tbsp Sugar 
Ice cubes

Method :

Take pomegranate and chopped carrots in a blender along with a milk and sugar.

Blend it together till it turns a smooth puree.

Strain the juice using stainer and transfer it to a bottle or container.

Refrigerate and serve chill.

Alternatively, fill the glass with an ice cubes and pour the strained milkshake.

Serve chill.

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