March 9, 2016

Millet Kesari / Diet Friendly Veg Thali / Diet Friendly Recipe - 100 / #100dietrecipes

Hurray ! Successfully completed my 100 days of diet recipes #100dietrecipes and it's time for a virtual treat ( Diet Friendly Thali ) for my friends. Since I started my blog, I never posted continuously for more than 30 days but this time, I took it as a challenge and posted only diet recipes for 100 days. The main reason for posting diet series is to change the mindset which people have on dieting. Generally, what people think about dieting is scarifying their favorite food and consuming only Indian breads and oats which is actually not. Dieting is switching from regular ingredients to healthy and nutritious ingredients. When one gives a weird look and ask about my dieting, I make sure to give an answer that I am on healthy eating habit / healthy dieting. Absolutely, there is no reason to skip meals and lose weight. Just including few nutritious ingredients in our regular menu makes wonder in our lifestyle.  This change doesn't help only in losing weight but also to keep our body healthy and fit.

Post delivery, I tried so many diet ways to lose my weight like consuming only phulkas in the night, oats buttermilk porridge for breakfast etc but more than weight loss, it pushed me to frustration mode because of the monotonous meal. Later, I started focusing on a healthy life style by including more nutritious rich ingredients in our regular  menu in a different way so that dieting became interesting and experimenting. This healthy change over helped me and my husband to shed good amount of weight without frustration. So, thought of sharing all my interesting and unique recipes on my blog as a 100days project so that it will be a motivation for me n everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Being regular on blogging is very difficult with lots of commitment and in fact, it took me one month to decide whether I can able to do it or not. Finally, with my husband's full support and encouragement, started my 100 days diet challenge post on dec 1st 2015 with an interesting recipe Burnt garlic fried rice using foxtail millet. I tried my level best to focus on all food category like salad, soup, starter, main course and dessert. This 100 days of journey made my life completely busy and interesting, in addition to that I also learned lots of nutrients facts about food. 

I really have to thank 3 special persons ( My husband, mom and my best friend ) in my life who helped me in completing this challenge. My husband's patience, involvement and interest in this diet series gave me lots of confidence to continue this series. His critics on my experimental foods made me to improve a lot day by day. Secondly, my mom who is the main reason behind my breakfast platter and diet friendly thali helped me a lot in cooking and in fact, her involvement in my challenge changed her cooking style too. And last but not the least, my best friend Swathi who is also a big foodie ( no wonder why is my best buddy ) and good cook. I love her karnataka style cooking and in fact, I got inspired by one of her recipe and posted with a little twist as Methi Wheat Flour Instant Dosa during the challenge. Her constant support from the beginning and appreciation after tasting my breakfast platter and diet friendly thali, boosted my confidence and energy. 

No more delay, here comes my 100th post along with an interesting thali filled with lots of delicious and healthy spread. Here are the links of few recipes listed in the Thali...

Cabbage & Sprouts poriyal / Stir fry -

Mixed Greens - Mixed Dal Kootu -

Ridge gourd peel and sprouts chutney -

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Panchratna mixed veggie sambhar -

Vetrilai kuhzmbu / Beetel leaves kuzhambu -

Apart from these 100 diet recipes, I had already posted few healthy recipes on my blog. Click HERE to view all those recipes. Ending my 100days challenge with a healthy sweet.....

If you are craving for a healthy sweet, try this easy and tasty kesari prepared using millet and brown sugar. Millet is slow cooked in a brown sugar mixed water and garnished with melon seeds. I have used kudo millet in this recipe which can also be replaced with any other variety of millet or mixed millets. For a change, I have garnished this kesari with melon seeds but to make it more tasty, include dried figs, apricot, raisins etc along with the melon seeds.

Ingredients :

1/2 Cup Kudo Millet / Varagu
1/2 - 3/4 Cup Brown Sugar ( adjust according to sweet tooth )
1 Tsp Olive oil
1/2 Tsp Watermelon seeds
1/2 Tsp Pumpkin seeds
2 Cups Water

Method :

Dry roast the millet and keep aside.

Boil 2 cups of water and add the brown sugar.

Once the sugar starts melting, add the roasted millet and simmer the flame.

Cook till the water gets absorbed and millet gets cooked.

Meanwhile, heat oil in a pan and add the watermelon seeds and muskmelon seeds.

Roast and add it to the millet kesari.

Mix well and serve hot or cold.

Note : I have used only melon seeds for garnishing but raisins, apricots, figs can also be added along with the seeds.

Finally, I thank all my readers, well wishers and friends who encouraged me by posting your valuable comments. Will come up with an another interesting 100days series soon :)


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  2. Congratulations for completing the lovely series...we came across so many interesting recipes

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