January 18, 2018

Spicy Mutton Fry using FishandMeat Product

Spicy Mutton fry is a perfect side dish to serve with Rasam rice when you are down with cold during the winter season. Apart from Rasam rice, this fry goes well with plain rice and also, with sambhar rice. Frying chilies in an oil before adding the cooked mutton masala enhance the spiciness in the fry and in addition gives a delicious taste. The freshly ground pepper gives an extra punch to the dish. If you are a spicy food lover, then this mutton recipe is a must try dish.

After started getting fresh meat and seafood from FishandMeat, my frequency of traveling to market has reduced. Ordering the product is also quite easy either I have to order using their App or just through whatsapp. Recently received an IQF done mutton pieces from FishandMeat and the taste was similar to the fresh ones. IQF (Individual Quick Freezing ) is one of the freezing method followed in the food industry. Apart from meat, any smaller pieces of food items like berries, small fish, poultry, prawns and diced vegetables can be stored by this method. This method helps the product to retains its shape, color, taste, and smell.

The product has to be removed from the freezer only before starting the cooking process. Just drop the packet in a big bowl of water for about 20 minutes. This helps the meat to de-freeze and later, it can be used for cooking.

                The meat looked fresh and tender as shown in the pic below after 20 minutes. 

I have to thank FishandMeat for introducing such a technique which indeed helped me to learn more about this freezing method. I prepared a spicy fry out of this meat which turned out really yummy and here comes the recipe...

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Ingredients :

250 gms Mutton pieces 
2 Big Onions, finely chopped 
1 Big Tomato, finely chopped 
1 Tbsp Ginger garlic paste 
1/2 Tsp Turmeric powder 
1 Tsp Red chili powder 
1 1/2 Tsp Coriander powder
1 Tsp Jeera / Cumin powder 
Salt to taste 
4 - 5 Green chilies, slit
3 Tbsp Oil 
2 - 3 Tbsp Freshly ground Pepper powder 
2 Sprigs of Curry leaves 
Method :

Wash mutton pieces and add it in a pressure cooker along with finely chopped onions, tomato, ginger - garlic paste, turmeric powder, chili powder, coriander powder, cumin powder and a little salt. 

And 3/4 cup of water and pressure cook it for 1 whistle and simmer the flame for 15 - 20 minutes. 

Once done, switch off the flame and wait until the pressure gets released from the cooker. 

Heat oil in a pan and add green chilies. 

Fry it for half a minute and remove from the pan. Keep aside. 

Add curry leaves followed by cooked mutton masala along with the water and cook until the water reduces. ( adjust salt, if necessary ). 

Add freshly ground pepper powder and the fried chilies back to the fry. 

Cook it for another couple of minutes. 

Switch off the flame and serve hot. 

Serving Options :

Serve with plain rice, sambhar rice or rasam rice. 

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