June 11, 2018

Jeera Ajwaini Aloo

Jeera Ajwani Aloo is a tasty and flavourful side dish to serve with Roti and Rice. Usually in most of the houses, either cumin/jeera or ajwani seeds / carom is used as tadka for side dish, but I learnt this simple yet flavourful recipe from one of my co-blogger Jolly Makker's page. I had bookmarked this recipe long back and waiting for the right time to prepare. Luckily for the Recipe Swap Challenge event, I was paired with Jolly Makker who blogs at jollyhomemaderecipes.com. Recipe swap challenge is an interesting event hosted by two the lovely bloggers Vidya Narayan and Jolly Makkar. The concept of the theme was to recreate the recipe from our partner's webpage.

So here is the delicious potato recipe from my partner Jolly's page. The potato tasted so delicious and the addition of ajwain gave a refreshing taste to the dish. Thanks Jolly for posting such a delicious recipe on your page.

Ingredients :

3 Potatoes, Cut into desired shape 
1 1/2 Tbsp Oil 
2 Tsp Cumin seeds / Jeera 
2 Tsp Ajwain seeds
1 Tsp Coriander powder 
1/2 Tsp Chilli powder 
1/4 Tsp Garam masala powder 
Salt to taste 
Coriander leaves, finely chopped 

Method :

Heat oil in a pan and add ajwain seeds followed by cumin seeds. Fry it in a low flame.

Now add coriander powder followed by chilli powder and fry without burning the masala powders.

Now add the potato pieces and mix well.

Add the required quantity of salt and little water.

Toss well, cover and cook until the potatoes get cooked.

Add garam masala powder and the chopped coriander leaves to the potato and cook until it turns dry.

Serve hot.

Serving Options :

Serve with Roti and Rice.

June 4, 2018

Garlic Knots

After April month swap post "Hong Kong Noodle Soup", here comes my second month participation in an interesting event Food Bloggers Recipe Swap hosted by Amber Dawn. For May month, I was paired with an amazing blogger Sapana who blogs at cookingwithsapana.com. The concept of the theme was to select one recipe from my partner's page and recreate the recipe. It took so much time for me to choose one recipe from her page while all her recipes looked so inviting and tempting. Finally tried these beautiful baked garlic knots which was a super hit in my place. These garlic knots are perfect with hot tea and also, can be served as breakfast along with salsa, jam or sauce. The actual recipe calls for the parsley, but I have replaced it with coriander leaves in garlic butter. Thank you Sapana for sharing such a delicious baked snack.

Click HERE to view the actual recipe from Sapana's page. 

Ingredients :

11/2 Cups All purpose flour / Maida + extra for dusting 
1 Tsp Sugar 
1 Tsp Salt 
1 Tbsp Olive oil 
1 Tsp Instant dry yeast 
1 Cup Warm water 

For Garlic Butter :

4 Tbsp Butter, melted 
1/4 Cup Coriander leaves, finely chopped ( Actual recipe calls for Parsley ) 
4 - 5 Garlic cloves, minced

Method :

In a large bowl, mix all purpose flour, yeast, sugar and salt. 

Make a well in the center of it and add olive oil followed by warm water. 

Combine together to form a dough and knead it for about 10 minutes. 

Place it in an oiled bowl and let it rise for an hour or until it doubles in size. 

Now knead the dough again for about 5 minutes and divide into 9 equal parts. 

Roll it into long tubes like and make a knot by folding over and under. 

Arrange the prepared knots in a baking tray and keep it aside for 10 minutes. 

Now bake it for 10 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 180 degree C. 

Meanwhile, prepare garlic butter by mixing all the ingredients given in "For Garlic Butter" and keep aside. 

Remove the knots from the oven and brush with garlic butter. 

Bake it again for 5 minutes and remove from the oven. 

Serve warm.

Serving Options :

Serve with Salsa or Sauce.

June 1, 2018

Aloo Palda / Himachali Cuisine

Aloo palda is a pahari style potato curry cooked along with the spices and yogurt. This creamy and delicious curry pairs perfectly with hot plain rice or Roti. Though the actual recipe included more amount of Elachi, I have reduced and made changes according to my family's taste bud. This recipe goes to my favourite event "shhh cooking secretly challenge" which is happening among a group of bloggers. Click HERE to get the detailed information and recipes which I had posted so far for the event. When we got the theme for May month as Himachali cuisine, Aloo palda was my first thought and luckily got the same secret ingredients ( Yogurt and Aloo ) from my partner Vidya Narayan. Vidya is an amazing blogger who blogs at masalachilli.wordpress.com and have to mention that I am a huge fan of her writing. Her writing gives a lively feel while reading her post which is truly a great talent. And also, her page is loaded with many more delicious and inviting recipes. Don't miss to check out her page and also, click HERE to view a tasty recipe prepared by her using the secret ingredients given by me.

Recipe Source : thefoodfairy


1 Tbsp Oil / Ghee
2 Elachi / Cardamom 
1/2 inch Cinnamon stick 
4 Cloves 
1 Tsp Cumin seeds
A pinch of Hing powder 
1 Big Onion, thinly sliced 
2 Big sized Potatoes, peeled and cut into small cubes
1/4 Tsp Turmeric powder 
1 Tsp Coriander powder 
1/2 Tsp Garam masala powder 
4 Cups Curd / Yogurt, whisked
Salt to taste 
Coriander leaves for garnishing 

To grind: 

2 Tbsp Raw rice 
1 Elachi 


Heat oil in a pan and add elachi followed by cloves, cinnamon stick, hing powder and cumin seeds.

Fry and add the thinly sliced onion.

Saute until it turns translucent and add turmeric powder followed by coriander powder and garam masala.

Add the chopped potatoes and mix well.

Add little water and cook until the potatoes get 3/4th cooked.

Now add the ground rice along with the whisked curd and salt.

Let it boil for another 5 minutes or until the potatoes get cooked. Keep stirring after adding yogurt.

Garnish with coriander leaves and remove from the flame.

Serve hot.

Serving Options:

Serve with plain Rice or Roti.