May 10, 2013

Friday Chat With Bloggers - Priya Anandakumar from Priyas Virundhu

Happy Friday Friends :)

My today’s guest is Priya Anandakumar from priyasvirundhu who started her blogging life few months back but in short time her blog filled with lots n lots of delicious recipes ( Real Virundhu like her blog title )… Very energetic blogger who posts nearly 50yummy recipes in a month... Amazing right :) Her blog looks very perfect, neat with step by step presentation and lovely tempting pics. Don’t miss her blog!! Happy to share my few favorites from her blog….

Here it is…

Eral Thokku     

This is not all…. Click HERE to enter into her lovely foodie blog to view all her delicious recipes…

Now over to Priya A….

First of all I would like to thank Mrs. Priya Satheesh for inviting me for the Friday chat. I did not even imagine she will invite me for the chat. Thank you very much Priya Satheesh , I am so overwhelmed with joy because this is my first guest post and a great encouragement for new bloggers like me.

Priya S : Love to hear few words about you n your blog and who is your greatest support?

Priya A : Hello everybody, happy to meet you all through Priya’s menu. I am Priya Anandakumar native of Chennai but currently residing in UK. I come from a big family of two brothers and a sister. I have a caring husband, two lovely and cute daughters 10 years and 4 years old.

I am forgetful by natureJ, so I always write down all my recipes in paper. Instead I thought I will have a digital copy ( blog) so I can refer it whenever needed and also share it with my friends. I have the step by step pictures to help viewers visualize the ingredients portion size and the texture of the food etc. When I saw the encouragement and acknowledgement from the visitors, I am now really motivated and working really hard to make it better every day.

My greatest support - First and foremost I would say is my loving husband and all my family members and friends.

Priya S : Your Favorite chef, favorite cookery show and favorite cookbook.

Priya A: My favorite chefs are Chef Dhamu, Mallika Badrinath. I don’t get to watch any cookery show, but used to watch Rachel Ray’s 30 min cooking, Master Chef when I was in USA. My favorite cook book is Chef Dhamu’s Asaiva samayal .

Priya S: Can you share us about your first cooking experience and the recipe which you tried first?

Priya A: My first cooking experience was very funny. My sister and I tried to make coconut burfi when I was in Class 7. We asked our mom how to do it and told her not to come into the kitchen. We both were really not sure about the recipe. The burfi was a total disaster; it turned out like a paper weight. We all just laughed it out…

Priya S: What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Sweet “.

Priya A: Sweet for me means – Ladoo, Jangiri, Gulab jamun, Kesari, Adyar Ananda Bhavan….
I love sweets more than anything in this world…

Priya S: What’s your family’s most favorite recipe which you cook? Pls share with the link if you had posted in blog.

Priya A: Chicken & mutton biryani, pepper chicken, tiramisu ,Kesari and many more.

Priya S: Please share some kitchen tips or secrets of yours…

Priya A: To bake potatoes quickly, place them in salt water for 15 min before baking.

Don’t store potatoes and onions together. Potatoes will rot quickly if stored with onions.

Wrap fruits and vegetables in newspaper before refrigerating to keep them fresh for long.

Before cleaning the banana flower (vaazhaipoo) apply generous amount of oil so your fingers won’t turn black. Similarly, when chopping Yam apply oil in your hand so that it won’t get itchy.

Priya S: What do you like in my blog and please share your suggestions to improve mine.

Priya A: The very first thing I like about your blog is the cute little cake that appears in the header. Your blog is very simple, nice and very well organized.
Most of all I love the way you try different combinations in your recipes, which is mind blowing. I love your chicken recipes a lot like the mint chicken curry, fried chicken and avocado dip etc.

You are great inspiration to new bloggers like me. Happy blogging and keep doing the great job.

Now coming to the guest post recipe….

I made Prawn 65, easy and simple starter or a side dish….

Prawn 65

I am so happy to share my first guest post with Priya’s Menu and I am very thank ful for that…

Here’s how to make prawn 65….


500 gm
Corn flour
1 tbsp
All purpose flour
1 tbsp
Chilli powder
1 tsp
Turmeric powder
¾ tsp
Pepper powder
½ tsp
Ginger & garlic paste
1 tsp
Garam masala
½ tsp
Lemon juice
2 tsp
1 tsp
1 beaten
As needed
For frying
Food color (optional)
One pinch

For garnishing

Curry leaves
10 – 15
Green chillies
2 finely chopped

  • De-shell and de-vein the prawns. Wash them really good.
  • Now add about ½ tsp of turmeric powder, some water and wash it thoroughly. This step is very important to get rid of the smell. Drain all the water completely.
  • Now add all the ingredients mentioned above except the oil to the prawns and mix them well. Keep it in the refrigerator for about 2 – 3 hours.
  • Heat the oil in the kadai, deep fry the prawns in medium flame and transfer it to a plate and keep it aside.
  • In the same kadai, add 1 tbsp of oil (the same oil in which the prawns were fried) sauté the curry leaves and green chillies until they are crispy. 
  • Garnish it over the fried prawns and serve them hot.

Very simple and delicious, Isn’t it??? Just give it a try and also give me your feedback.

Thank you so much Priya for spending your valuable time and its my pleasure to have your chat in my blog along with your lipsmacking recipe.

Happy weekend Friends… Stay tuned to meet another interesting blogger next week J


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