October 19, 2015

Big Basket - Online Grocery Store Guest post and Review !

It is evident that the recent biggest change in environment is, the rise on online shopping which saves our precious time. Personally I believe, it is a tension free shopping and importantly, it saves money. You must be wondering, how money gets saved on online shopping ?? Yes, the urge of buying whatever we see in shops gets controlled and we to tend to buy only the actual requirement. So, the money gets saved right?

There are lots of online shopping website but we have to identify the genuine ones and start purchasing. And my today's post is all about an online shopping grocery store - BIG BASKET. Recently, I was contacted by them to publish their guest on my space. And, I take it as my privilege to share it to my readers along with my personal feedback, as I am a regular customer of Big basket for the past one year.

Big basket is an Indian online grocery store which has a wide range of products including all home needs. I still remember my first purchase on exotic veggies and my regular pantry stuffs. The products got delivered on the same day, on exact time which I had mentioned while shopping. The timing is purely based on our convenience and till now, I had never faced any issue on that. The veggies were also fresh and wrapped neatly, which made me to continue their service till now. The most exciting part of purchase is their Mobile App, which is really user friendly and super easy. And coming to the cost, I feel it is little cheaper than my nearby super market rate. There are lots of discounts and coupons available for the first time shopping members and also based on the purchase amount.

Buy imported meat and gourmet online

With the borders, getting narrow with every day that passes by the accessibility to the food available in all parts of the world and the country has become easy. Right from the strawberries that come from mahabaleshwar to the oranges that come from Nagpur, you can get almost everything today delivered at your doorsteps. All this has happened due to the trends and online supermarket Coimbatore coming in the picture. Keeping into knowledge the reliability of people on the internet, this is one of those sectors that people would readily opt for in the years to come, as this is one of those things that get them the desired results with reduced efforts. People these days have a varied range of eating habits and unlike the old days, the roles of imported meats and gourmet have drastically improved on their platters. In most of the cases, you would hardly find these les selling international brands available in a normal supermarket. However, when you choose the online super market, they provide you with such products and thus making their base of customers even stronger.