January 8, 2018

Banana Milkmaid Pongal

Banana Milkmaid Pongal is a tasty and creamy sweet Pongal prepared using rice, milk, milkmaid and banana. The rice is cooked in a milk to get a creamy texture and further, milkmaid is added to enhance the taste and richness of the Pongal. The ripe banana is mashed and sautéed in a ghee to give a delicious flavor.

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Instead of regular sweet Pongal, try this delicious and creamy banana flavored Pongal which will be liked by children as well as elders.

Here is the recipe...

Ingredients :

1/4 Cup Rice
1 Cup Milk
1 Cup Water
4 Tbsp Milkmaid
1 Big Ripe Banana, mashed
1 Tbsp Ghee + 1 Tsp Ghee
5 - 6 Raisins
5 - 6 Cashews
1 Elachi Crushed

Method :

Wash the rice and cook it till soft by adding the measured water and milk.

Meanwhile, add 1 Tsp ghee in a pan and add the mashed banana.

Saute it for half a minute and add it to the pongal along with milkmaid.

Mix well and cook it for another couple of minutes.

Heat the remaining ghee in a small pan and add raisins followed by elachi and cashews.

Fry them and add it to the prepared pongal.

Serve hot.

Note :

Cook pongal in a low flame and keep stirring.

Adjust the quantity of milkmaid according to taste bud.


  1. The pongal looks delicious... especially the banana and condensed milk takes it up to another level...

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