April 20, 2016

Iced Lemon Green Tea / Summer Special

The best way to drink tea in this hot season is by making it as a refreshing chilled drink. Quench your thirst anytime of the day by drinking this yummy drink and if the green tea cubes are prepared ahead, it saves lots of time too. Apart from getting refreshed, this iced tea helps in digestion too as it has handful of fresh mint leaves and lemon juice along with the slices.

Ingredients :

2 Cups Water 
2 Green tea bags
1/2 Cup Brown sugar ( can be substituted with white sugar and adjust according to taste ) 
1 Lemon
Handful of Mint leaves 

Method :

Squeeze juice from the lemon and keep aside.

Boil the measured cups of water and switch off the flame.

Add the green tea bags and brew it for 5 minutes.

Discard the tea bags and add brown sugar to it.

Bring it to boil again till the sugar gets dissolved.

Remove from the flame and cool it completely.

Add the squeezed lemon juice and mix well.

Divide the juice and transfer one half to a pitcher along with the fresh mint leaves and refrigerate it.

Pour remaining half of the juice in a ice cubes tray and freeze it.

To serve : Take a tall glass or glass jar and add fresh mint leaves followed by green tea ice cubes, lemon slices and the refrigerated iced lemon tea juice. Serve chill.  

Note :

I have used green tea bags which can be substituted with green tea leaves too. If using leaves, brew and filter the leaves before adding sugar.

Adjust the brewing time according to the taste bud. 

Brown sugar can also be replaced with white sugar or honey.

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