April 3, 2016

Watermelon - Sabja Popsicle

Popsicle is one of the easiest way to beat the heat instead of buying ice-cream during summer season. Popsicle can be prepared with any varieties of juices like orange, lemon, watermelon, mango etc. In my today's recipe, I have used sabja seeds along with watermelon juice to cool the body. Sabja seeds is also called as Tulsi seeds which also has a resemblance of chia seeds is an excellent ingredient to consume during summer. It reduces body heat, helps in weight loss, good for diabetics, constipation and acidity.

Ingredients :

2 1/2 Cups Watermelon Juice  ( Fresh )
2 Tbsp Castor sugar ( Optional ) 
1 Tsp Sabja seeds / Basil seeds

Method :

Soak sabja seeds in a half cup of water and keep it aside for 30 minutes or till the seeds swollen up to twice it's size. ( The seeds should immerse in water ).

Mix watermelon juice, sugar and the soaked sabja seeds in a bowl.

Pour the juice in a Popsicle mould and freeze it over night or till it get frozen.

Once done, de-mould the watermelon popsicle and serve chill.

Note :

Do not try to de mould the ice from Popsicle mould immediately after taking out from freezer. Rest it for 5 minutes or directly show it to a running water which makes the ice to come out easily along with the Popsicle stick.

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