April 2, 2016

Kesar Elachi Lassi / Summer Special Recipe

Lassi is a sweetened yogurt and a perfect summer drink. Easy to prepare and lots of variations can be made by adding spices and fruits. Both sweet and salt lassi can be made using thick curd. In my today's recipe, I have used Kesar - Elachi syrup to get a flavorful lassi.

Ingredients :

1 Cup Thick Curd
1/2 Cup Water 
3 - 4 Tbsp Powdered sugar / Castor sugar 
1 Tbsp Kesar - Elachi Syrup 

Method :

Add thick curd along with water, sugar and kesar - elachi syrup in a bowl.

Churn it using manual or electric churner until smooth and frothy.

Refrigerate it for half an hour and serve chill.


Use only thick curd.

For thick lassi, follow the same recipe without adding water.

Grated or crushed pista, badam or cashews can be used for garnishing.