April 13, 2016

Snalthy Snacks Review / Food Product Review

Snacks are always addictive and personally, I love to munch when I am bored, while watching weekend movies and sometimes with my evening cuppa tea. But the most concerning factor is my health which made me to say good bye to all store bought munchies.

But when guilt free munchies are available in the market, who will say NO ?

Have to thank the three initiators ( Arun Kamaraj, Anbuchelvan and Aswin ), who launched the wonderful venture "Snalthy ( Snack made healthy )". Snalthy is a Coimbatore based company in which healthy snacks can be purchased through online. It is an amazing gift for all weight watchers. Snalthy snacks are completely healthy and available according to age, taste and need. Few interesting things about snalthy is the raw materials are sourced mostly from farmers in India. All the products are nutritionist crafted recipes and completely oil free munchies. The techniques involved are baking, roasting and toasting. The snacks are neatly packed in a beautiful yellow colored air tight pack to maintain the freshness. Since free home delivery option is available in any part of India, ordering these healthy stuffs are so easy and comfortable. Most importantly, the products are zero added chemical snack with all natural ingredients. Refined flour, Sugar, Hyderogenated Fat ( vanaspathi ), Baking powder, Baking soda, Emulsifiers, Artificial colors,Artificial flavors etc were not used in their products.

Wide ranges of snacks are available in their webpage with an option of Egg and Eggless. Loads of interesting products like Fruit flavored millet porridge, Macroons, Brownies etc are also available. As a parent, Kids special snacks like Carrot and Sprouts Biscotti, Ragi bar etc, impressed me a lot. Click HERE to view their available products. Same day delivery options and assortment snacks packages are really value added to their service.

I had received 12 packed of healthy munchies and here comes my review....

Garlic Bread Stix :

Crispy and crunchy snack with a mild flavor of garlic. Being named as Garlic bread stix, personally I felt the flavor of garlic is not sufficient. This is a perfect snack for all ages.

Sesame Raisins Bar :

This is a must try snack which tasted so yummy. The texture with moist inner part and dry outside part made me to fell for it. The sesame seeds which is sprinkled on top were perfectly roasted. Me and husband loved this snack so much which made us to finish off the bar so quick without clicking pictures. I can say that this is THE BEST snack to enjoy when you have sweet tooth and of course, healthy too.

Crispy Mexican Chips :

Loved the aroma when I opened the pack but the taste was not impressive. This had a mixed flavor and amazingly crispy as per the name of it.The first bite of it gave a buttery taste and then the strong spicy taste followed by mild bitter taste at the end. I couldn't relate the taste of it with the word Mexican.

Spinach Crackers :

This is a perfect healthy snack prepared using all nutritious ingredients. This tasted very delicious and loved the mild flavor of spinach too. Being healthy and less spicy, this is suitable for all ages.

Salted Apple Sticks :

After tasting one stick, my son grabbed this pack from me and enjoyed it. In fact, he did mentioned that this tasted yummy. These sticks are not spicy and salty. Perfect blend with a mild flavor of apple and its sweetness. This is suitable for all ages.

Orange Banana Sticks :

These are crunchy and tasty with a mild sweet flavor. Loved the taste of banana in each bite.

Cocoa Almond Cookie :

Very interesting cookie and flavorful. Felt a joy of munching delicious sweet and loved it to the core. The taste of almond and cocoa blends so well to give a delicious taste.

Crispy Methi Crackers :

Must buy snack ! This is truly flavorful and tasty. It gave a feeling of having more after a first bite. I had a imagination of tasting bitter after reading methi on the cover but I was completely wrong with my thought. The quantity of methi were added so perfect with the balanced other ingredients. Perfectly suitable for all ages.

Mixed Seed Rusk :

The first word which I uttered after opening the pack was wow so cute.. Amazingly crunchy and tasted heavenly. This is also a must buy snack. My husband, who is not fond of rusk, appreciated this flavorful rusk as the best healthy snack which he ever had.

Almond Cookies :

If you are craving for tasty healthy sweet, then this will satisfy your sweet tooth. The taste of almond was out of the world and very flavorful cookies.

Salted Baked Potato Chips :

Though the shape did not reminded me of chips, it tasted good. Personally, I felt the buttery taste was dominating than the potato and reminds of our traditional muruku.

Caramal Toffee :

 Ideal snacks for sugar craving and as per the name, the texture was hard and tasted yummy. Loved the caramel flavor. 

Altogether these are perfect snacks to munch any time of the day without guilt. Thank you Snalthy team for giving this wonderful opportunity to review your healthy products. Wishing your team a good luck for this wonderful start up and please do continue the mission of providing healthy and tasty snacks for us.

Disclaimer : This is an honest review based on my taste and preferences Only !

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