February 7, 2013

Friday Chat With Bloggers - Maha from Mahas Lovely Home

Hi Friends…. Guess you all ready with your weekend plans J We are planning to meet our best buddies
this weekend. I always feel that Friends are the best gift from god to whom we can share all our emotions
   and craps J  Ok now let’s meet our Co-blogger friend Usha (a) Maha… Actually happened to visit her lovely blog through Facebook. Amazing blogger who has loads of delicious recipes in her blog…
 Click HERE to enter into her yummy foodie world….
      Now over to Maha….

First of all I would like to say Thank you to Mrs. Priya .When I checked out a message in FACEBOOK..     I was surprised for few minutes and later I jumped into her blog and I really liked it very much..She is running  a beautiful blog with super yummy recipes….Wish you all the best Priya!!!

 Priya :  Please tell the readers little about you.

Maha :  First I have to say that little about myself is difficult. But will share some best about mine..I am Usha Rani.Gadde Wife of Shiva Kumar a handsome guy. And Proud mom of 2 Beautiful pretty cute boys.. I am very traditional girl believes in karma siddhanth, strong, dare, self confident and completely positive minded....
       I own my blog Mahaslovelyhome which I started in 2011 november 5th and last year for few months I was absent (my lit son was just months baby)and presently regular to blogging world..I respect food and never wastes any thing…The Recipes which I posted in my blog are completed tried by me…From this January I Restarted eating NON-VEG and trying to do more new recipes in different methods…And I started  trying my own Idea recipes too…

      Priya : What inspires you to write a food blog and who is your greatest support?

      Maha : Support means I should say only about my Husband. Actually unexpectedly I started my blog and I shared on the same day about it with him...So, Til today he never blamed me and giving his full of encouragement.. But one thing I can say-Whenever I posts a Recipe I remembers my mother…Even I too don`t know the reason…HA..HA..HA..

       Priya :  What is the first thing you learned from your kitchen ?

       Maha : First thing I did n`t remember exactly.. But, From the first day of my cooking  I keep my Kitchen (each and every corner) always very clean and neat.

      Priya :  Please share us your family’s most favourite recipe, which you cook…

       Maha : Can`t say any particular Recipe Because we couple are quite opposite..But,I always prefers My Hus choice only..He loves sea food and grilled food.So,I prepares often GRILL FISH...And My Son MAHADEV is a great lover of Pizza. So,I makes pizza weekly twice or thrice for him..

       Priya :  Who is your favourite celebrity chef?

      Maha : I like Chef laura. She is so simple and pretty..I almost watched out so many recipes of Laura and Whenever I watch her Videos feels like flying in kitchen with wonderful hits(without cooking/my Imaginations).And Chef Harpalsingh…Who runs food channel…His Recipes are very healthy and can cook every one without loads of work...Both are very active..

       Priya :  Please share some kitchen tips….

 Maha :  Put lemons in hot water for 5 minutes to squeeze the juice easily and you get more..
                    Run Mixy jars with crystal salt to sharpen the blades…
                    Roast rava/sooji without ghee or oil to.Shelf life will be long..

      Priya :  What do you like in my blog and please share your suggestions to improve mine.

Maha : I like the detailed explanation in every recipe… I vote for Healthy Recipes and I found so many healthy dishes which we can make happily  without any side thoughts.. I like her chicken recipes which are very unique….
Coming to suggestions Iam not professional but I would like to say  2 points…
Try to post pictures in large size which gives a good look which I realized and following presently…

Now To The Recipe

Today Iam going to share a Recipe which is one my favourite and at the same time This is first recipe pictures with my CANON .. So, It`s really Special for me.

Payasams are very easy to make and tastes very yummilicious….Sago and vermicelli both are my fav. I just combined both and with jaggery and  I tried this PAYASAM……

Iam really happy to share this recipe in priyasmenu as GUEST POST..
So,Here goes the details of the Recipe……

    PREPARATION TIME-    15+30 minutes(to soak sago)
    COOKING TIME-             20-25 minutes
    SERVES-                          3-4

  •     Sago/saggubiyyam-3/4cup
  •     Vermicelli/semiya-3/4cup
  •     Jaggery-1cup
  •     Cardamom powder-1tsp
  •     Ghee-2+2 tsps
  •     Cashews broken -5
  •     Almonds broken-5
  •     Raisins-5-8
  •     Milk-6 cups

  •     Wash and soak sago for 30- 45 minutes..
  •        Dry  roast  vermicelli in 2tsps of ghee and keep aside..Fry the dry fruits til  golden in colour…
  •      Heat milk  in vessel once the milk start boiling  keep the flame in med-low..
  •     Add drained sago and cook til transparent by stirring gently and add in roasted vermicelli…..
  •     Once the vermicelli turns soft(it may took only 5 minutes) add in crushed jaggery and keep stir til it completely mix in kheer…..
  •      At this stage check the payasam.If it is too thick add in 1 more cup of milk and mix for 5 more minutes……
  •      Finally add in cardamom powder and roasted  dry fruits…Mix well…..
  •      Serve warm or cold…… I like in both ways..I shared it with My lit Dhip after cooked…He is so eager to taste it and he is my partner to share sweets n baked goodies……

    MY NOTES :
  •     Use sugar instead of jaggery if you like……
  •      I used less jaggery(for DH) and kheer was Mild sweet in taste..So,I advice you guys to add 1/2 cup more in you like….
  •     Sago and semiya both are my fav.So, I used same quantity.You can use any of them 1/2cup too…
  •      Make payasam thin other wises in won`t tastes good…So, Keep an eye on milk quantity in payasam while making.…

    Thanks a lot Maha :) Payasam looks really very yummy and Mouthwatering... Very happy to share your first pics which you took from your latest camera... Looks Fabulous :)

     Hope you all had a great time by viewing her virtual delicious sweet with a lovely chat.... Will meet u all next week...same day but with another interesting blogger...Stay tuned :)




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