May 8, 2013

Salami Stuffed Cheesy Mirchi

Mirchi Bajji – a very famous street food which makes me very nostalgic! Only very few recipes bring back our lovely moments and makes us smile all alone. And these fried ones are in my nostalgic list! This is my most favorite one so I make sure that I do not miss them whenever we go to the beach.  Sitting in the beach sand facing a lovely sunset n waves with our favorite people around holding a plate full of Hot bajji’s with watery chutney which runs around the plate…. just chatting n munching… Really those are Lovely days with no tension…no fear about future. And those days will never come back and am sure that everyone had some nostalgic moments like me….especially beach bajji’sJ

I got a chance to taste the most yummy mirchi bajji’s with the perfect delicious chutney some months back in Kerala. It’s THE BEST in my terminology and that’s the best mirchi bajji that I ever tasted in my life… The chutney which they serve has lots of finely chopped garlic and ginger with the tangy spicy flavor. Mainly the chutney is thick and very very spicy. Imagine hot mirchi bajji with spicy chutney!!!! Tempting right…uff I have already started drooling… he he ;)

Missing all those spicy nostalgic moments!!!

And coming to my today’s recipe…. I tried this recipe couple of months back for a completion conducted by I was shortlisted but was unlucky to get into the final list to win a Samsung phone. 

Stuffing cheese and olives in mirchi completely turned it to an Italian style… Fusion MirchiJ . And the taste was truly divine which made my hubby who is not fond of mirchi to gulp 3 stuffed mirchis ! Happy J

Served these fried ones with sweet chilli sauce to balance the taste.

Here is my style of fusion Bajji….

Serves – 4 people
Preparation Time – 15 Minutes
Cooking Time – 15 Minutes


·        6 Mirchi ( Long mirchi which is used for preparing bajji 
·        Oil for frying

For Stuffing:

·        1 Cup Goat cheese, grated
·        10 Salami Slices, grated
·        ½ Tbsp Chilli flakes
·        6 Black Olives, chopped

For Outer batter:

·        2 Cups Besan Flour
·        1 Tsp Paprika
·        Salt to taste
·        ¼ Tsp Baking Soda

For Garnishing:

·        Onion Rings, sliced
·        5 Olives, sliced


·        Boil water in a bowl and add all the mirchi.

·        After adding, switch of the flame and let it cook on that heat for a minute.

·        Remove from the water and slightly slit them in the center to stuff.

·        Remove all the seeds inside mirchi and keep aside.

·        Take a bowl and add the grated salami followed by grated goat cheese, olives and chilli flakes.

·        Mix well and keep aside.

·        Now add besan flour in a separate bowl followed by paprika, salt and baking soda.

·        Add little water and mix well to avoid any lumps.

·        The batter should not be too thick or too thin. Add water little by little to get the correct consistency.

·        Heat oil in a pan and once it reaches the smoking point, reduce the flame to medium.

·        Now fill the mirchi’s with the salami cheese mixture and dip it in the batter.

·        Stuffed mirchi should be coated well with the batter to avoid breaking while frying.

·        Drop them slowly in a hot oil and deep fry till the color changes.

·        Once done, remove from the flame and drain the excess oil using kitchen towel.

·        Repeat the process for the remaining mirchis.

·        Garnish with the onions rings and olives.

·        Serve hot.

Serving Options :

·        Serve hot with Sweet chilli sauce or Tomato sauce.



  1. Wow Priya, I love mirchi bhajis, I have done stuffings but never with salami, very innovative. Gotta try this...

  2. Delicious fusion bajji sis...............

  3. This is so lovely, a new discovery for me. I am admiring the crunchy outer coating with the salami cheese stuffing inside. I can imagine biting inside once these pieces comes out from the frying pan.

  4. salami stuffing is new to me priya.. i can enjoy this bhaaji when it rains here :)

  5. very new recipe to me looks so good...

  6. I love mirch bhajis ...loved ur stuffing...

  7. It's new salami bajji mirch priya......

  8. looks super delicious and lovely presentation :)

  9. Congrats Priya, u have been awarded the Liebster award! U can pick it up at Dont forget to follow the rules that go with it. Keep up the good work!