October 19, 2014

Time for Diwali treat !

Celebration mood started here with colorful lights hanging around, twinkling crackers bursting everywhere and the aroma of sweets from my neighborhood place bringing me all the joy of diwali and eagerly waiting for the big day to enjoy our traditional sweets and foods.
Diwali is a special day which brings me a lot of nostalgic moments of my childhood. Waiting for the holiday, discussing about mom’s delight with friends, trying to burst crackers without showing the inner fear ( yes ! I am scared ;)) , distributing sweets and savories to our neighbors to show off our new dress to get compliments will never come back in our life. As we grow, these kind of fun and excitement vanish away but we get hooked up with another pleasure of cooking delightful sweets for our family members. The joy of making them happy with their favorite foods is immeasurable.

This is the only festival we make sure to be with all our family members as we have lots of interesting custom, so our travel booking preparation starts 3 months before the special day. We do pooja in the early morning (before sunrise) on the Diwali day followed by special menu and if full moon falls on the same day, then it’s fasting for our ladies till evening nombu. And finally the day ends with feast, fun and crackers. 

Diwali is nothing but full of treats and for this Diwali, I had few plans to gift my husband who encourages and brings out my confident in cooking with yummy chocolates which is his most favorite munch while watching television. While browsing for some chocolate recipe, found an interesting site which redirected to a page “27coupons.com” and had lots of online shopping sites with amazing discounts. Books and kitchen stuffs were the first thing in my list whenever I login online shopping sites. Being a blogger, that’s our priority right ? Interestingly, I found a yummy book for chocolates by Nita Mehta with 20 % discount. Will I miss this deal ? No way ! With no second thought, made my order with cash on delivery option and to my surprise, I got a message that my book got dispatched within 4 hours of my booking time. I am on cloud nine and waiting for my copy and treat my husband :) And yes, you can also expect yum yum chocolaty recipes as my virtual treat on my blog :)

27 coupons is an online site which has tie up with flipkart, amazon, ebay, dominos etc.. where you get extra percentage of discounts. I have made few screenshots while booking my order which might be useful for you all and I have to mention that I felt, diwali bash deals was amazing in all categories and this is a time to grab our favorites by paying less.

Here is the sample screenshot of my purchase……. 

Open webpage and get registered with 27coupons.com

After activating your confirmation mail through mail. Login with your username and password.

Here comes a loads of deals... I have selected amazon for my shopping and my favorite category Books, especially cookery books.

Save the coupon and follow the instructions.

Finally found my Interesting book...

After selecting the book, click "Add to cart" and follow the instructions by entering your delivery address and by choosing delivery options.

Select the mode of payment in which I selected "Cash on delivery".

Click "place your order" to confirm the order.

Hurray .. My order is done ! Waiting to get my gift and treat my husband :)

                                     Thanks to 27 coupons to shower us with loads of deals.      

Sending this to 27coupons "Blogging contest"                                                                          


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