April 5, 2016

Watermelon - Chevre Cheese Bites

One of the perfect way to enjoy watermelon during summer season, other than juice is by munching these types of appetizer. Easy to prepare and also has loads of flavors in it. The spicy taste from jalapenos, mild bitter taste from olives, tangy taste from the brine blends amazing with the sweet flavor of watermelon and all mitigated when you bite through the cheese. Chevre cheese is a cheese made of goat's milk and in this recipe, I have used herbs flavored cheese to enhance the taste.

Ingredients :

15 Watermelon slices ( Cut in square shape ) 
20 gms Chevre chesse, chopped into 15 pieces
6 Olives, Sliced 
6 Jalapenos, Chopped  
3 Tbsp Brine of Jalapenos
Few Alfalfa sprouts

Method :

Arrange the watermelon slices on a tray.

Place chopped cheese piece top of the watermelon slice along with sliced olives, jalapenos and alfalfa sprouts.

Add little brine on top of the watermelon slices and serve chill.

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