May 2, 2017

Apple & Tomato Salad using Chickpeas Dressing

I was excited to get paired up with one of my favourite blogger Rafeeda from "" for Shh Cooking Secretly Challenge after a very long time. I love all her recipes and especially food pictures which shows the exact texture of the dish. I had to mention that she is a very cool person and also a wonderful baker.  As I had mentioned in lots of my Shh Cooking Secretly Challenge series posts about the rules, this time I was given Apple and Chickpeas as my secret ingredients. And the theme was Salads which is very much apt to this Summer season. By using Apples and Chickpeas, I prepared a quick and tasty salad and hope, I did justice to it . Instead of adding chickpeas in my salad, I gave a twist by preparing dressing using it to give a creamy texture to the salad. And also, the addition of fresh basil leaves gives a refreshing flavour.

Check out of my Co-blogger page to view a wholesome healthy and yummy salad prepared out of Avocado and Tomato, which was given by me.

Ingredients :

2 Apples, cut into small pieces
6 Cherry Tomatoes, cut into halves
Few fresh Basil leaves

For Dressing :

2 Tbsp Black chickpeas ( soaked and cooked ) 
3 - 4 Basil leaves 
1/4 Cup Olive oil 
1 Tsp Lemon juice 
Salt to taste 
Little Pepper powder ( Optional ) 

Method :

Take cooked chickpeas along with basil leaves, olive oil, lemon juice and salt in a blender.

Blend till it turns smooth.

Once done, remove from the blender and keep aside.

Take apples and cherry tomatoes in a large bowl.

Add fresh basil leaves and chickpeas dressing to it.

Mix well and sprinkle little pepper powder.


Note :

Cut apples after preparing dressing, else apple pieces loses its colour.

I have used black chickpeas in this recipe which can also be substituted with white chickpeas. 


  1. Apples and chickpeas together never looked so yummy before!

  2. I loved the concept using chickpeas as a dressing instead of a salad ingredient! Marvellous

  3. Priya, the salad looks refreshing and tempting. I love the way you converted the chickpeas into a dressing. Its a 'must try' salad.

  4. I loved how you used up the chickpeas as a part of the dressing! Brilliant! :)

  5. Chickpea dressing sounds interesting.. I will definitely try it.