July 22, 2014

Eastern Products Review !

Well, I am excited to write my first Review on food products from Eastern Condiments. Eastern products are very famous for its "spice and masala powders". I must admit that my cooking Journey started with a store bought spice powders and eastern product was one of them.  I had tried lots of  spice powders from this brand during my stay in god's own country and being a non veg lover, chicken and fish masala was on my grocery list every month. Everyone has their own perspective on the texture, spiciness & flavor of the masala powders and I personally believe that Eastern product satisfies my kind of taste. 

There's a saying that " cooking is an art " ! Very true and along with that I feel Tasting is also an art which gives the best compliment for the recipe.The pleasure of tasting a recipe is immeasurable for me and it not only gives happiness and satisfaction,it brings back all our beautiful memories in every bite. But it completely depends upon the correct blend of spices in the masala powders. A light variation in the spices has the power of ruining the recipe.So to get the authentic taste in our recipes, masalas really does a wonder !

I guess, its my time to upgrade my spice powders in my rack to ethnic range of Eastern products ! It is a Joyous moment for a food lover and blogger to try and taste these new launch products. And that too, when you are given a chance to review your favorite authentic south Indian cuisine, its a double treat  ! Let me thank again for giving such a beautiful opportunity to try karnataka special Masala "Puliogare", "Vangi Bhath" and "Bisibele Bhath". 

My first trial was based on my family choice who loves puliogare alot ! Here's my review....

Puliogare Masala:

Puliogare is a very famous lunch box recipe and a picnic friendly recipe. The taste and preparation method differs across states. We having lived across the south of India, have tasted some of the variations. Usually in Tamilnadu, it is served as prasadham in temples and personally I love them more than the homemade version.The punch of pepper and mustard flavor in Eastern Puliogare masala, reminded me more of the temple prasadham's. The spices and tangy taste in the masala blended so well to give it an authentic taste. To my surprise, my 3 year old kid enjoyed the taste of puliogare in every spoon for the very first time. Though salt is given in its ingredients list, added little extra to satisfy our taste buds but otherwise, the masala powder itself had all the perfect blend of flavors. Being a spicy food lover, I felt the spicy level was up to our mark and we really enjoyed it.  

Serving Options : It can be served with any kind of chips and parupu thogayal ( It's a kind of chutney, we prepare especially for Tamarind rice using Coconut and dal).

My Rating : 4 on 5 and sure on my grocery list in future :) 

Vangi Baath : 

Here comes my second trial of South India’s favorite rice “Vangi Bhath’ . Cinnamon and clove flavor was little on the higher side but there is no compromise on the taste part. Spice level was perfect for our taste buds and I personally recommend to try this delicious masala with the perfect variety of brinjal, else it could spoil the taste of rice. 
The flavor and taste of vangi Bhath, made me very nostalgic and brought my old memories of my kannadiga neighbor who prepared this delicious rice and served it hot with raita. Sticking to my memories, this is best served with onion Raita. 

Serving Options : It can be served with any kind of raita.

My Rating : 3 1/2 on 5 ! ( Due to the dominance of cinnamon and clove flavor)

Bisibele Baath :

Last but not the least comes my most favorite rice “Bisibele Bhath” which is also called as “BBB” in Karnataka. I truly believe that food can do wonders and it has the magic to trigger the happiness in us. Yes, I felt the magic of happiness when I tasted my most favorite rice prepared with Eastern masala. The taste was very authentic and delectable. An extra tbsp of masala was added to adjust my spicy taste bud. The aroma completely made me drool while simmering and in a word I can say that it’s an Appetizing meal. The spices in the masala powder complimented each other to give an authentic and delicious taste. I can assure that it has the perfect blend of spices which enhances the flavor.

Serving Options : Generally, Boondi is served in Restaurants but My style of serving bisibella bhath is with a tsp of ghee on top of rice along with Mango pickle and Fried Curd Chillies.

My Rating : 4 1/2 on 5 ! No doubt, this is a "Must Buy"  !

                        Thanking eastern Condiments for sending their free samples ! 

Disclaimer : This is an honest review based on my taste and preferences Only !


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