March 12, 2018

Broccoli & Dal Chutney / Chutney Recipe - 36 / #100chutneys

Broccoli is a green vegetable which belongs to cabbage family and also have florets like Cauliflower / Gobi. This vegetable have dozens of health benefits and can also be used in our regular cooking. Many interesting recipes like Broccoli rice, Broccoli curry, Broccoli paratha etc can be prepared and in my today's chutney series, I have used this vegetable along with 3 varieties of dal and ground nuts to prepare a healthy and tasty chutney. This chutney pairs perfectly with Idly and Dosa. And also, this delicious chutney can be served with plain rice, Rasam rice and Curd rice.

Ingredients :

1 Tbsp Oil 
1 Cup Broccoli, finely chopped 
1 Tbsp Horse gram / Kollu 
1 Tbsp Chana dal / Kadalai Parupu
1 Tbsp Ground nuts / Peanuts 
1 Tbsp Urad dal 
2 Tbsp Coconut, grated 
3 - 4 Dry red chillies ( Adjust according to taste bud ) 
Salt to taste 

Method :

Heat oil in a pan and add horse gram followed by chana dal, urad dal and ground nuts.

Fry until it changes its colour in a low flame.

Now add the remaining ingredients except salt and saute until the broccoli gets cooked.

Once done, remove from the flame and cool the ingredients.

Grind into fine paste by adding the required quantity of salt and water.

Transfer it to a bowl and keep aside.

For tadka, heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds.

Once it starts spluttering, add curry leaves and hing powder.

Fry and add it to the prepared chutney.


Serving Options :

Serve with Idly, Dosa or Rice.


  1. Too healthy..Broccoli and dal is totally a out of the box combination!!

  2. Wow was just going through your chutney collection , must say lovely recipes, you can make so many varieties I am amazed.

    1. Glad to hear from you. Thanks a lot :)

  3. Hats off to you for putting up such unique and delicious chutney recipe👍👍

  4. Amazing idea!! Have never tried broccoli in a chutney...a must try soon :)

  5. Interesting combination of ingredients. I could have never thought of it. Will check out what other chutneys you have posted. 100 is quite a number I must add. ;)

  6. Never thought broccoli could be used to make a chutney -- that is such an innovative and unique dish. Love the addition of dal and peanuts, makes the chutney protein rich. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What an idea to include broccoli in diet.. your chutney series rocking dear..

  8. Sounds really delicious, I would have not thought about making chutney from broccoli!

  9. You seize to amaze me, your collection of chutneys is getting more and more interesting. I'm seriously hoping to try out one recipe soon,

  10. I don't even think of making chutney with broccoli..this looks I will have try

  11. Super duper... another brilliant one

  12. Love your collection of chutneys..each one has a unique combination of flavours..Like this one too...Broccoli and dal..have to give a try

  13. Oh wow! You are using horse gram and broccoli to make chutney...I will never take a dare step to make this.Awesome!

  14. Such a delicious n healthy chutney.

  15. Absolutely loved the list of ingredients - Brocolli & horsegram. Kudos for the 36th chutney post and I am sure you will rock the next few of them too in times ahead. It takes creativity and excellence to plan a series and then religiously post it, both of which you have Priya! Best Wishes always!

  16. You seize to amaze me Priya! your innovative chutney recipe collection is superb and interesting.

  17. WOW !! Broccoli and dal sounds so different :)

  18. Have already tried chutney with broccoli but not with dals, now am so tempted to give a try sis. Kudos to you to come with different chutneys.

  19. Wow I must say you have beautiful collection of chutneys ... Superb

  20. This chutney is amazing, has the goodness of both dal and broccoli.

  21. I am just amazed to know how interesting ideas of chutney you are bringing up with. Brilliant.

  22. again a super healthy chutney recipe on the blog. Can never imagine myself mixing these two. fabulous.

  23. Such an innovative use of Broccoli!! This chutney series is getting interesting day by day!!


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