September 8, 2015

Anniversary Wishes & Guest Post by Devi Bala Chandrasekar !

Very excited to write my Today's post, as it is a special post, for a special person, on a special day....My Best Friend's Wedding Anniversary :) To make it more memorable, I am posting her guest post on this special day.

Everyone claim that social sites are scary but for me, it's the other way. I can proudly say, that I have gained lots of genuine & lovable friends and of course, Foodie. And my today's guest, is also from a virtual world who later became my close buddy. We were united by a food group and to be more precise, by "Nannari Sarbat" post of her in that food group. Yeah, we started our chat by discussing about that product and our journey continues till now..I wish and pray god for our long lasting friendship :)

she is an amazing cook and also an energetic blogger of Kitchedb. I always admire the way she cooks, esp her wrap and drinks ( sharbat, milkshake..). I would definitely recommend her page and blog for "Kids friendly recipes", "Kuzhambu series" and "Mocktails". I must say that, she is a multi talented person who loves cooking, rangoli, Image designing and music ( yeah, she is also an amazing singer... love her voice :) )

Today, its a special day for her... The day, she and her husband joined hands to travel the journey of beautiful life..


Coming to the guest post..

                                             My Today's guest - Devi Bala Chandrasekar

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Dear Priya,

Its indeed a great pleasure to do my first guest post for you as you are one such valuable friend and a great inspiration I have got recently. The bonding between us is truly treasured by me and this sweet is my new creation just for you with the main ingredient that served as a bridge between us.. Am happy to get this published in your blog. Thanks for the opportunity dear. Love you so much. 

Love and Hugs 

Thank you so much dear for being my Today's guest on my blog.. It's my pleasure to share a fabulous and innovative recipe to all my readers from a dediacted foodie.. Am truly honored to know that, you prepared this mouthwatering and flavorful sweet especially for me :) Love you and hugs :)

                                                      Happy Anniversary dear :)