September 18, 2015

NattuKozhi Kuzhambu - Guest Post by Radhika Thirumoorthi / Birthday Celebration Post !

Hello Buddies...

Though social networking shares the two sides of coin, for me, it's always on the positive side. It motivated me when I am down ( by seeing lots of my friend's recipes ), it taught me the world of cuisines and techniques and importantly, introduced me lots of friends who shares the same passion of mine ( FOOD ). Likewise, happened to meet my today's guest in a Facebook food group who loves cooking a lot and I  always wonder about her passion in cooking at her early age. Now, she is one of my best buddy and happy to share her authentic recipe on my blog. This is one of my favorite recipe of her and the word, nattukozhi always reminds me of her kuzhambu and waiting for a big day to taste her cooking and esp this kuzhambu... When I asked her to do a guest post on my page, with no second thought she said yes and to my surprise, she forwarded my favorite recipe... Thanks a lot dear Radhika :)

Her style of cooking used to be authentic, perfect and truly tempting recipes. I am a big fan of her non-veg recipes and apart from that, love her authentic Arisi parupu satham recipe which was a huge hit among my family members..

It's a special day ( Birthday ) for my friend Radhika, so taking a lovely chance to make her birthday more special by posting this mouthwatering recipe on her birthday. Happy Birthday Radhika :) I wish all your dreams come true in the following years :) Enjoy ur day and have a blast :)

NattuKozhi Kuzhambu 

Ingredients :

Small onions 2cups
Dry red chilli 5-8
Curry leaves
Coriander seed 1tbsp
Pepper less tan 1/2tsp
Coriander powder 1tbsp
Red chilli powder 1tbsp
Turmeric powder pinch
Grated coconut 1cup

Method :

Procedure for making Masala :

Take a kadai, add oil of your choice, after oil becomes heat, add small onions n saute well till it turns golden brown.

Add coriander seed, jeera, pepper, dry redchilli n curry leaves put all this together n fried onion n saute for 3mnts.

Add coriander powder n red chilli powder n saute for 2 mnts. Just mix all the ingredients with masala powders.

Finally add cup of coconut to the onion masala mix and saute well for 2mnts.

Let it cool and grind as paste.

Procedure for making kulambu :

Take a kadai, add oil of your choice and after it becomes heat, add 4 red chilli and some curry leaves.

Add nattukozhi 1/2kg Or 500gms n saute for 10 mnts without adding water.

Add salt to the curry n add some water n close the lid. Let it cook for other 10mnts.

Add ground masala to the curry n add water.

If u want a thick gravy, add small amount of water ,if u want gravy like watery add enough water.

Let it boil for10-15mnts till the raw smell goes .

Serve hot with idlis ,rotis, dosas n rice.

Thank you so much for your guest post Radhi :) I am sure, my friends also would love this delicious and flavorful Kuzhambu. Wishing you again a happy birthday and enjoy your day dear :)

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