October 31, 2015

Announcement - November Month World Food Guide Challenge !

Hi friends,

After Burmese cuisine, lets move to our next Alphabet C - Cuban recipes. Cuban cuisine is a fusion of Native American Taina food, Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisines. Some Cuban recipes share spices and techniques from Spanish and African cooking, with some Caribbean influence in spice and flavor. Rice and beans are their primary element and typical food of Cubans, which is either cooked together or separate. When it is cooked together, it is called Moros y Cristianos and when cooked separate, it is called Arroz con/y Frijoles (Rice / Beans ). Cuban cuisine uses citrus, tomato, vinegar, onion, garlic,peppers, white wine or beer, raisins,olives and capers to flavor savory dishes. Cuban desserts are famous for its sweetness and the ingredients used for desserts are cirtus peel, cinnamon or anise seed to add distinct flavor.
Some of listed cuban dishes are..
Arroz con leche
Sandwich cubano
Tortilla de patatas
Yuca frita

Click here LINK 1 LINK 2 LINK 3for more recipes...

All you have to do is, try any cuban recipes, it can be an authentic one or modified ones according to taste and innovation and post it before or on 30th November 2015.  If you are a blogger, then post your blog link in the below linky tool ( will update soon ). If you are a non blogger, then send your recipe along with picture to priyasmenu@gmail.com.

Winners of WFG Challenge will be choosen according to their recipe selection, their active participation and commenting on other blogger's post. So, get ready to explore Cuban recipes and win "AMAZING CHEF OF WORLD FOOD GUIDE".

Important : Usage of logo and hastag ( #wfgchallenge ) is mandatory.

If you have any queries on this event, please feel free to contact me or my co-host Lakshmi Vimala from cookingclub17.blogspot.com through email priyasmenu@gmail.com or vimalalakshmi2010@gmail.com

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Join hands with us and indulge yourself in world's special delicacies....

                                                          All the best and Happy cooking !




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