October 1, 2012

BhelPuri Chaat - SNC Challenge No 1

Hi friends....

 Everyone must be aware of SNC challenge organised by Divya Pramil. Check here for more details...
This is an excellent event to know more about other regional cuisines...I am very happy to be part of Southern team and the challenge we got from North team was Bhel Puri from Shruti's Rasoi.
Bhel puri, a well known north indian chaat ....made up of veggies, puffed rice and chutneys.
Prepared this for the first time...Had lovely experience while preparing and the happiness filled while serving was unmeasurable :)
Sorry friends, Unable to take pictures while preparing chutneys because of power Cut....

Here is my recipe....

Ingredients :

For Bhel Puri :

1 Cup Puffed Rice
1/4 Cup Sev
4 - 5 Papri ( Fried )
2 Tbsp Peanuts, fried
2 Potatoes, Boiled
1 Cup Chopped Veggies ( Onion, Tomato and Cucumber )
2 Tbsp Tamarind chutney
2 Tbsp Mint - Coriander chutney
Lemon Juice
Salt to taste

For  Papri :

1 Cup Maida
1/2 Tsp Jeera
1 Tbsp Oil
Salt to taste
Water to knead
Oil to fry

For Tamarind Chutney :

200 gms Tamarind
300 gms Jaggery
2 Tsp Jeera, Roasted and Powdered
2 Tsp Red chilli powder
1 Tsp Black Salt
1 Tsp Dry ginger powder
Salt to taste

For Mint - Coriander Chutney :

1/2 Bunch Coriander leaves
1 Bunch Mint leaves
1 Raw Mango, chopped
2 Green chillies
1/4 Tsp Jeera
Salt to taste
For Garnishing :

Fresh coriander leaves
Raw mango , chopped

Method :

For preparing Papri :

  • Add flour, jeera, salt and oil in a mixing bowl.
  • Mix well, add water little by little and knead them to form a dough.
  • Cover and keep aside for half an hour.
  • Then roll it using rolling pin to a thin sheet and cut into small circles.
  • Then prick holes with fork, to avoid them from getting puffed.
  • Heat oil and fry them in batches.
  • Drain them in kitchen tissues and keep aside.

For preparing Tamarind chutney :

  • Add 5 cups of boiled water to tamarind and keep aside for half an hour.
  • Extract juice from it and boil in a heavy bottomed pan.
  • Add jaggery, red chilli powder, Jeera powder, black salt, dry ginger powder and salt.
  • Mix well and boil them until the chutney becomes semi thick.
  • Remove and keep aside.

For preparing Mint - Coriander chutney :

  • Add Mint, coriander leaves, chopped Mango, green chillies, jeera and salt in a mixie.
  • Grind to a smooth paste by adding water.
  • Remove and keep aside.

For preparing Bhel puri :

Add papri in a bowl.

Then add puffed rice.

Add Boiled potatoes.

Now add the chutneys ( Tamarind and Mint - Coriander Chutney )

Add the veggies ( Tomato, onion and cucumber )

Then add peanuts, lemon juice and salt.

Mix gently till the mixture gets coated well with the chutneys.
Divide the portions into 2 equal parts in the serving plate.
Garnish them with chopped raw mango, sev and coriander leaves.
Serve immediately.

 Linking this recipe with Divya Pramil's SNC Event hosted by Shruti's " Shruti rasoi "


  1. Wow you rock Priya, such an irresistible and super tempting chaat,will post mine soon.

    1. Thanks Priya....waiting to see ur yummy chaat....

  2. very nice Priya.. super quick in trying.. tempting and delicious chaat.. will try and post soon too..

  3. Wow Priya ......Great job :-)
    You made papris at home, impressed :-)

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    1. Thanks alot Shruti....My husband jus loved it...Actually it was more healthier and tastier than shop ones...

    2. I agree, homemade things are always healthy and fresh !!

  4. I hope everybody liked this recipe at your place :-)

  5. I love all kinds of chaatn this bhel puri chaat looks really yumm n tempting...well made!

  6. yummy & tempting Priya....

  7. Yummy chaat.. It looks delicious..

  8. Wow you've completed the task Priya :) Great!! I am slow than u guys..Gotta get lots of things from the shop..Hmm I find Mysore pak easier..lol... :) Just 3 ingredients na!! Well prepared and nice step by step clicks dear...Good one!!
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    1. Thanks dear....Yes Divya, even I felt the same way after listing down the things to buy :) Did shopping yest night, then prepared everything n served around 10 pm...Am crazy na ;))

  9. Wow.. nice effort Priya.. Yummy Bhel Puri..

  10. Looks very tempting priya,I love all chat items....

  11. awesome
    i thought i was on ur list or i wud hv seen this priya now following you
    u made all this at home u r super

    and looks yummy delicious and i want to grab this plate now
    i thought mysore pak ws difficult for me but i understand u had to get loads of things from market for this

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  12. Hey priya rocks dear... you gained 50 points for our team is it? yes dear... bhelpuri is simple but with many ingredients... mysore pak is easy... i too lazy...even i have to purchase some things for do it... ll post soon...
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  13. Wow............amazingly made bhelpuri chaat Priya. Perfect and yummy. It is really adorable, that you made papri in home. I think everyone of your home enjoyed this bhelpuri chaat.