April 15, 2017

Ragi Vermicelli Musk Melon Kheer / Ragi Vermicelli Kirni Pazham Payasam

Apart from Mangoes, muskmelon is also one another widely available fruit during summer season. Muskmelon is known as Kirni pazham in Tamil and Kharbooja in Hindi. The high water content in muskmelon helps us to keep hydrated during this season. Personally, we love to consume muskmelon as such along with jaggery powder or juice. And for the first time, tried payasam for Tamil new year which became a super hit among the family members. The addition of Ragi vermicelli is to make the payasam more healthy and yummy.

Ingredients :

1 Medium sized Muskmelon 
1/2 Cup Ragi Vermicelli 
400 ml Milk 
1/2 - 3/4 Cup Sugar ( adjust according to sweet tooth ) 
1/4 Cup Milkmaid 
1 Cup Water 
1 1/2 Tbsp Ghee 
5 - 7  Raisins 
5 Almonds, chopped 
5 Cashews
1 Tbsp Muskmelon seeds 

Method :

Boil milk and keep aside.

Peel the skin of muskmelon, remove the flesh and make puree of it. Keep aside.

Boil 1/2 cup of water and add ragi vermicelli.

Let it boil for couple of minutes and add the muskmelon puree along with the remaining water.

Cook till the vermicelli gets cooked in a medium flame. ( stir continuously )

Once done, add sugar and cook till it gets dissolved.

Meanwhile, heat ghee in a small pan and add raisins followed by almonds, cashes and muskmelon.
Fry, remove from the flame and keep aside.

Add milk to the Ragi vermicelli - muskmelon followed by milk maid.

Let it boil for couple of minutes and add the fried raisins - nuts.

Mix well and serve hot or cold.

Note :

Cook in a low flame and stir continuously so that the muskmelon and ragi vermicelli doesn't get burnt and stick to the pan.

In this recipe, I have used both sugar and milkmaid but the same recipe can be prepared using milkmaid only which also gives extra richness to the payasam.

Adding muskmelon seeds gives a crunchy taste to the payasam and its optional, if not available in the market.

Add extra boiled milk to the payasam if you like it little watery.

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