April 20, 2017

Tang Milkshake / Summer Specials

The most irritating and tiresome days are during summer, so its always better to keep us hydrated either by drinking water or juice. This Tang milkshake is one of a quick summer drink prepared using just two ingredients. Few years back, happened to learn this yummy drink from my best friend's mom during our visit to their place and from that day, this tasty drink became our regular instant refreshing drink. This is one of the best way to indulge mango milkshake during off season. The recipe is quite simple that even kids can prepare it.

As I had mentioned in my previous posts, me along with my Co-bloggers Sujitha Ruban and Shobana Vijay started posting summer coolers recipe according to summer special theme. So check out their page to view more interesting drinks to beat the heat.

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Ingredients :

1/2 Cup Mango Flavour Tang powder 
1 1/2 Cup Cold Milk 
Ice cubes

Method :

Take Mango flavoured Tang powder and cold milk in a blender.

Blend till it turns smooth and creamy.

Once done, transfer into a bottle and refrigerate.

Fill ice cubes in a mason jar or glass and pour the tang milkshake.

Serve chill.

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