August 6, 2012

My 8th Award

                                   Happy Friendship Day to all my Dear Blogger Friends :)

Very happy to receive " LIEBSTER AWARD " from Very energetic blogger, Preeti from Indian Kitchen :)
Thank You so much preeti for passing this award:) Friends, Do stop at her space and check her recipes, you will love it for sure. I have to mention that she's so energetic to post lots of recipes in a day, it shows her passion in cooking.. Lots of Indian recipes are hidden in her blog.... Check n enjoi :)

As per the Rule,

1.  Each Person Must post 11 things about themselves.
  • I love to try lots of new recipes around the world.
  • I am a big time risktaker in restuarants... I used to order stuff  which I have never tasted and those which sounds very different.
  • Love to shop the whole day and lucky that my husband loves the same.
  • Blogging n Internet - became part of my life, can't imagine life without both :)
  • I love travelling especially in my car listening to all those nostalgic songs.
  • Dance and Music - My next passion than cooking.
  • I love watching lots of cookery shows n used to pen down all recipes.
  • I love my friends and enjoy being with them.
  • I wish to start a restaurant some day... with no regular food on the menu.
  • I love Seychelles - my honeymoon destination where my close friend resides.
  • I pray I could one day dine at restaurants run my Kylie Kwong, Nigella Lawson & Gordon Ramsay one day.
 2. Answer the Questions the tagger has set for you.
1.  What was the inspiration behind your blog ?  - My Husband and OUR passion for food
2.  Which one would you prefer : A vacation trip to the Mountains or Islands ? - Islands
3.  What is the craziest thing you've ever done ? - Most of whatever we do, ends up being termed as Crazy.
4.  Whos is your favorite Blogger ? - Love experimenting with cuisines and hence love all blogs.
5.  If you were given a chance to undo one thing from your life what would it be and why ? - The job that I quit, One emotional decision that changed my life.
6.  What is your idea of a perfect Breakfast ? Totally depends upon my mood, Hot idlis with spicy chutney or bread, egg n omletes.
7.  What quality do you most like in yourself and why? - Love ; I am an unconditional lover and I love my husband and my kid very much.
8.  Have you accomplished any goals recently..Tell us about it. - Not yet, Have to work a lot to reach it.
9.  What do you prefer : Heels or Flats ? - I love Heels but are most comfortable wearing flats.
10. If given an opportunity to be on the cover of a magazine...Which one would you choose and why? - Good Food, My current fav magazine
11. If you had to describe yourself in 3 words..What would they be? - Emotional, Possessive and Loving.

3. Choose 11 People and Link them in your post.

Suja Manoj From Kitchen corner
Kavitha From Kavi's Kitchen
R. Punitha From South India Food Recipes
Priya From Priya's Versatile Recipes
Poorni From Easy and Homely Cookbook
Divya From Divya's Culinary Journey
Kaveri Venkatesh From Palakkad Chamayal
Akila From Learning to Cook
Sangeetha From Recipe Excavator
Rekha From Indian Tasty Food Recipes
Shabbu From Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

4. Create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.

Passing the same 11 questions to above Blogger's.

5. Go to their pasge and tell them. - Done.

6. Remember, No tag backs!!!

Friends, Please Accept :)


  1. Congrats on your award...Thank you very much for sharing the award with me...
    Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

  2. Congrats and thanks for sharing it to me Priya !!!

  3. Congrats Priya....Thanks for sharing this with me :)

  4. Hi Priya ,


    and Thank you for sharing this award with me Dear.....

  5. Congrats for the award and thanks for sharing it with me.

    Divya's Culinary Journey

  6. Congratulations Priya on your award..and thanks so much for thinking of me