May 21, 2012

Simpe Veg Rice for Babies

This recipe can be given to babies after 6 months or after starting veggies n rice for them. If you prepare this recipe for small babies, mash and serve them. Normally we give dal rice for babies after started weaning , instead you can try this once in a week. Add salt very little because normally doctors will not prefer to give salt for babies.

 Ingredients :

1 Carrot, Grated or chopped finely
1 Potato, Grated or chopped finely
4 Florets Cauliflower
5 - 6 peas
3 Garlic pods
1/2 Tsp Jeera
2 Peppercorns
1/2 Cup Rice
1 1/2 Water
Salt to taste
1 Tbsp Ghee


Wash rice and add all veggies, jeera and peppercorns.
Add water and pressure cook it for 4 to 5 whistle.
Remove and add salt and ghee before serving.