March 12, 2018

Monday Chit Chat With a HomeChef - Adaikkammai Annamalai

Hey! It's Monday and I am here again with an interesting chit chat with a lovely Homechef Adikkammai Annamalai. Recently got a chance to know about her and her passion in cooking through one of the Facebook food group. And thats where our journey of friendship started. She is such a friendly person and also won prizes in online cooking competitions. You can also check her Facebook page where she posts all her mouth watering recipes. Thanks Adikkammai for being my today's guest and it is my pleasure to have your signature recipe on my page.

With no more delay... let's see what Adaikkammai shares with us !

Priya : Love to hear few words about you and your passion and who is your greatest support?

Adaikkammai : I am a homemaker, having 2 cute daughters. We are living in Malaysia and my native is Karaikudi. So our traditional Chettinad cuisine is our favourite one. My passion is Food photography, uploading recipes on my fb page and other food groups. And also, I like to do Mehandi work. My greatest support is my Husband.

Priya : Your favourite Chef, favourite Cookery show and favourite Cookbook.

Adaikkammai : My mother in law is my favourite cook and all time favourite.

Priya : Can you share us about your first cooking experience and the recipe which you trie first ?

Adaikkammai : Ya Why not ! I don't have any cooking experience in the begining. After marriage, I learned cooking from my Mother in law and very first time I tried Chettinad chicken curry which got me a very bad experience. And later I started to learn.

Priya : Please share some kitchen tips or secret of yours..

Adaikkammai : We do not prefer to buy any store bought masala powders and instant mix. We always like to use our homemade powders in all our cooking. Like homemade dry chilli paste or a special masala paste which has coriander seeds, cashews, fennel seeds and dry chilli in it. All these ingredients are blended together and made into thick paste. We usually store this masala paste in a refrigerator and use it in gravies in the quantity of 2 or 3 Tsp. It gives a nice taste compared to regular red chilli and coriander powder.

Priya : When your house filled with sudden guests.. What would be your quick menu ?

Adaikkammai : Always my quick menu would be Halwa, Uluntha vada and Masala tea. These are our favourite and fastest dish.

Priya : What is your family's favourite recipe which you cook ?

Adaikkammai : My hubby loves my Egg kothu biryani, he always ask me to do that. My mother in law likes my most of the food but sometimes she will tell bad comments. ( Just kidding )

Priya : What do you like in my blog and please share your suggestions to improve mine.

Adaikkammai : Yes I like your blog. Actually I am a beginner, so I am not in the place to suggest you. But of course, I am taking tips from your blog.

Fried Brinjal Sweet & Sour Curry

This is a Chinese curry which has a different taste because of the addition of Jaggery and Tamarind pulp. It has a blend of sweet and sour taste and since the brinjals are deep fried, it gives a crunchy texture.

Preparing Time - 10 mins
Cooking Time - 30 mins
Serves - 3 People

Ingredients :

500 gm Brinjal
2 Tsp Jaggery
2 Tsp Tamarind Pulp
2 Large Tomatoes, Puree
2 Tsp Chilli paste / Chilli powder
Salt to taste
5 - 6 Cloves Finely chopped Garlic

Method :

Collect all ingredients, jaggery, tomato puree, tamarind pulp, brinjal, chilli paste and chopped garlic.

Heat oil in a pan and fry 500gms of brinjal.

Fry until it turns little glossy, remove in a plate and keep them aside.

In the same pan, add 2 Tsp of fine chopped garlic and fry until golden brown and ass 2 tsp of jaggery.

Mix well, stir fry for 2 - 3 mins, add 2 large tomato puree mix well cook for 5 mins on a medium flame.

Add 3 Tsp of chilli paste and add salt to taste.

Add 2 Tsp of Tamarind pulp mix well cook for 2 to 3 mins.

Add fried brinjals mix well nicely, so that the gravy cored the brinjal properly. cook for 20 mins.

Now the fried brinjal sweet and sour curry is ready to eat with biryani or rice or chapatti.

Thanks again for participating in my event. I really enjoyed your chit chat and I hope the same from my readers too. Brinjal curry looks so delicious and sounds flavourful. Will try this recipe soon.

Friends, Stay tuned till next week to meet another amazing Homechef who is going to share a healthy recipe with us! Have a great week ahead !

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  1. Tq so much sis.. tq for this wonderful opportunity,,,u did a great job,,, keep going ,,

  2. Awesome sweet and sour brinjal curry. Adaikkammai Annamalai is a simple and straight forward sweet person. I have adored all her recipes. A huge thanks for her to introduce me to such a wonderful site. Keep going on.

  3. Wow dear ...You are one talented lady and I admire you. You’re so good at whatever you set out to do and I believe you’ll go and do great things some day. Keep going...All the very best...

  4. Wow dear ...You are one talented lady and I admire you. You’re so good at whatever you set out to do and I believe you’ll go and do great things some day. Keep going...All the very best...