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Papad Pockets / 5 Ingredient Snack

Our August month "5 Ingredients Challenge" was interesting and quite challenging to prepare fried items with only 5 ingredients. I prepared a simple and innovative fritter using papad and paneer with exact 5 ingredients including oil. Lots of improvisation can also be done by adding basil, veggies along with paneer. 
Paneer Papad is a fritter or fried snack which is filled with spicy paneer. This is a perfect snack or can also  be served as appetizer. 

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Ingredients :

1 Cup Paneer, grated1 Tsp Chilli flakesSalt to taste9-10 Papads / Appalam, plain and roundOil for frying
Method :

Take a grated paneer in a bowl or plate.

Add chilli flakes and salt.

Mix well and keep aside.

Take one papad / Appalam and immerse in a bowl of water for few seconds.

Remove from the water and place it in a separate plate.

Take 2-3 Tbsp panner and place it in the middle of the papad.


Royyalu Gongura / Prawns with Sorrel Leaves / Gongura Prawns

Royyalu Gongura is a very famous Telugu recipe which is prepared with prawns and Gongura. Gongura is called sorrel leaves in English which has a tangy flavor by itself. It is called as pulichakeerai in tamil and this green leaf goes well with all non veg dishes. Prawns has a mild sweet taste and when it gets cooked with this tangy leaves along with spices, it gives a lip smacking delicious recipe. This is one of my favorite recipe which I had Bookmarked some 7 years back in a diary from cookery show. I don't even remember the show but its from some telugu channel :) Reading our old recipe books and trying the bookmarked recipes gives a great feeling and it also brings back all our nostalgic memories.
Cooking prawns is also an art in which time plays an important role. More cooking time leads to rubbery texture and the less time gives raw flavor. It is always better to add prawns at the last stage of cooking and cook it for 4-5 minutes to get its perfect juicy taste and flavor. 


Crab Kurma / Crab Korma

We love crabs but the availability part is very difficult in the place where we stay. We have to travel 10 kms to get fresh seafood so alternative Sunday mornings will be our seafood hunting travel. It is tiring to get little early in the Sundays but the Aroma while cooking and the flavor while eating will take off all the pain of getting up early. Do you agree friends ? :)

Though the flesh part is less compared to other seafood, every bite tastes very delicious and tasty. Crab Kurma is a flavorful curry in which crab is cooked along with spices and finally simmered with coconut paste to give rich flavor. This goes perfect with hot rice and sometimes, I prefer this with Dosa and Idli. 

Ingredients :

1/2 Kg Crab250 gms Onions, Finely chopped150 gms Tomatoes, Finely chopped1/2 Tsp Turmeric powder1 - 1 1/2 Tsp Chilli powder1 Tsp Coriander Powder1 Tsp Salt or according to taste1 1/2 Cup Water1/2 Cup Coconut and Saunf paste

Method :

Clean , wash and cut the crabs into half and keep aside.

Take f…

Corn Pizza

Pizza is an oven baked flat bread which is topped with Tomato sauce, veggies or meat
and cheese. It is a fascinating food which is liked by all ages and when it is home made, the pleasure is immeasurable and completely healthy. Just a couple of hours preparation will gives an delicious pizza with yummy topping of our choice. And I have used only limited toppings in this pizza as it goes to our favorite challenge "Shhh Cooking Secretly Challenge". Everyone must be familiar about this famous challenge happening among bloggers and priya suresh from "priya's Versatile Recipes" is our brain child of this group.

I was paired with Nirmala Gurunadhan from " " and the two secret Ingredients which I got was corn and Tomatoes. So keeping this two ingredients in my mind, prepared this delicious veg pizza. Thanks to priya suresh, our brain child of "shhh cooking secretly" and Nirmala Gurunadhan :)

Click HERE to check a yummy and delicio…

Potato & Peas Fry / Urulai kizhangu Patani Varuval

Most of you aware that I am posting my brother's favorite recipes for a week for Raksha Bandan and celebration time comes to an end today. 

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Potato and Peas fry is a spicy curry which is served with rice varieties like lemon rice, tamarind rice and it also goes well with sambhar, rasam and curd. Dried peas can also be used in this recipe but it has to be soaked over night and pressure cooked for 4-5 whistles before adding to the curry. 

Ingredients :
2 Big Potatoes1/4 Cup Peas2  Onions1 tomato11/2 tbsp Kuzhambu Milagai Thool ( Chilli powder + Coriander powder )1/4 Turmeric powderSalt to taste2-3 Tbsp OilCoriander leaves for garnishingMethod :
Cut potatoes and pressure cook it for 3 whistles or cook it for 7-10 minutes in a microwave.Peel the skin and keep aside.Heat 2 tbsp oi…