January 6, 2016

Masala Veggie Egg Toast / Diet Friendly Recipe - 37 / #100dietrecipes

Colorful and tasty toast with a flavor of pav bhajji masala is an excellent option to serve as flavorful and filling breakfast. The veggies are sauteed along with pav bhajji masala and added to a egg white is further made as a yummy toast. Apart from the given veggies, any healthy veggies can be used to make it more nutritious.

Ingredients :

5 Whole wheat bread slices
4 Egg whites
1 Onion, Finely chopped
1/2 Cup Purple Cabbage, Finely chopped
1 Carrot, Grated
1 Tomato, Finely chopped
2 Green chillies, finely chopped
1/4 Cup Spring onion leaves, Finely chopped
1/2 Tsp Pav bhajji masala
Salt to taste
1 Tsp Olive oil / regular cooking oil 

Method :

Heat oil in a pan and add the chopped onion.

Saute and add the green chillies followed by purple cabbage, tomato and grated carrot.

Saute for a minute and add pav bhajji masala followed by salt.

Cook it for couple of minutes in a low flame and add the chopped spring onion leaves.

Mix well, remove from the flame and cool the mixture.

Meanwhile, separate egg whites and add it to a bowl and beat till it turns lightly fluffy.

Add the cooked mixture and adjust salt.

Mix well and keep aside.

Heat non stick tawa and place couple of bread slices on it.

Toast it for a minute on both the sides in a low flame.

Spoon the egg white mixture on top of the slice and spread it evenly.

Cook for half a minute and flip the other side.

Cook for another minute and flip the other side.

Cook it again for half a minute or till the base turns crispy.

Once done, remove from the flame and repeat the process for the remaining slices.

Serve hot with Tomato sauce.

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