January 19, 2016

Methi Ragi Toast / Diet Friendly Recipe - 50 / #100dietrecipes

Delicious and healthy snack prepared using wheat bread, Ragi flour and Methi leaves. This is an excellent option for evening snack or can also be served as breakfast as it is healthy and makes tummy filling. This goes yummy with Mint chutney or Coriander chutney.

Ingredients :

4 Bread slices ( I have used whole wheat bread )
1 Cup Ragi Flour
1 Big Onion, Finely chopped
4 Green chillies, Finely chopped
1/2 Cup Methi / Fenugreek leaves, Finely chopped
Salt to taste
3/4 Cup Water 

Method :

Cut the bread slices diagonally and keep aside.

Add ragi flour in a bowl along with onion, methi leaves, green chillies and required amount of salt.

Add water little by little and prepare a batter ( not very thin or thick ).

Heat non stick tawa and brush little olive oil on it.

Take one diagonal bread slice and dip it in the ragi batter.

Place it on the tawa and repeat the process for 2 diagonal slices ( depends upon the tawa size ).

Simmer the flame and cook both the sides for about 5 minutes.

Smear little olive oil, if necessary.

Once both the sides gets cooked, repeat the process for the remaining slices.

Serve hot.

Serving Options :

Serve hot with mint chutney.

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