June 6, 2012

My First Award and Thank you Recipe

 I received my first award last week from my blogger friend, well known to everyone as "PT" from Indian Kitchen...I was very happy to see her mail..and first award is always memorable to everyone..i guess, you people will never deny..I started my blogging few years back but not able to continue for some reason....Now started posting again and i love the response that my friends giving me...Am so happy and thank everyone for posting comments which gives me motivation and encouragement to try more new dishes...I wanted to Thank  "PT" by gifting her special sweet recipe and that is the reason for my delay in posting this Award...
Thank you so much PT and this is the special recipe for you as my Thank you note...hope u like it:)

All my bloggers friends are very special to me..lets share the joy and award together...so  passing this to all my followers.....Pls accept it :)

Jack Fruit Kulfi:


1 Cup Jack fruit Pulp
1 Jack fruit flesh, chopped finely
1/2 Cup Milkmaid
1 Cup Milk, boiled
4 Almonds, grated
Kulfi mould

Method :

Heat boiled milk and add jack fruit pulp, mix well and cook it for couple of minutes.

Now add the milkmaid and mix well until the milk starts thickening.
Add the chopped jack fruit and grated almonds.

Remove from flame and cool it.
Pour in kulfi mould and freeze it for 4 hours.

Remove from freezer and hold in running water.
Now enjoi this Jack fruit kulfi with crunchy almonds and Jack fruit pieces on each bite.

Note :

 If you feel that sweetness is less, add little extra milkmaid.
You can just refrigerate and serve chill instead of pouring in kulfi mould...i tried that and it was also yum :)

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  1. so sweet of you :) thank you so much for this irresistible kulfi....

  2. Congrats on ur award, wow u rock Priya, wat an irresistible kulfi..loving it.

    1. Thanks alot priya...happy that u love it:)

  3. So innovative n yummy

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  4. Hi Priya Satheesh ,

    Jackfruit kulfi looks Awesome and

    very innovative recipe Priya:)

    Thank you for your visit to my blog and

    thank you for your valuable comment on my post.

    I wish your regular support to me Priya:-)

    1. Thank u so much:)sure..love to visit ur blog daily:)

  5. Congrats on the award and do link this kulfi to the event in my space.
    It looks so yummy n interesting.

    Divya's Culinary Journey
    Showcase- FUN IN THE SUN

  6. A kulfi with jackfruit is a very refreshing and innovative idea..Congrats on your awards.

  7. Congrats on the award.. kulfi looks so yummy and mouthwatering:)

  8. Congrats on ur award priya,wish u many more... thx u very much for trying chocolate cake,yes u r correct it looks like a brownie taste.

    Never tried Kulfi with jackfruit,it looks awesome n innovative dear!!

    1. Thank you so much menaga...Cake was yummy n healthy too:)

  9. Lovely idea dear :)yummmm!! Must be very delicious...

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  10. Congrats on your award! Jackfruit kulfi looks so creamy n delicious...can imagine the taste of it...Mmmmmm!!
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  11. wow..never thought to make this,innovative one!!
    Congrats on your awards!!

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  12. Congratulations on your first award !!

    Never tasted jackfruit kulfi - wld love to taste it as I just love jackfruit !!

  13. Awesome n So Innovative dear..
    Pls grab ur award waiting @ http://poornirecipes.blogspot.sg/2012/06/my-third-award.html

    1. Thanks dear and very glad to receive my second award..thanks again:)

  14. Thanks and happy to follow u:)

  15. Thank u so much for following:)