April 25, 2018

Ponnanganni Keerai & Mango Chutney / Chutney Recipe - 81 / #100chutneys

Ponnanganni keerai which is also called Dwarf copper leaf in English is a nutrition rich green which have loads of medicinal value. It cures eye related problems and the high calcium content in these leaves gives strong bones and teeth. These leaves and mango combine with other ingredients to give a delicious chutney. This chutney pairs perfectly with hot plain rice. Adjust the quantity of green chilli according to taste bud.

Ingredients :

2 Tsp Oil
1 Cup Ponnanganni Keerai
1/4 Cup Coconut, grated
2 Green chillies, chopped
1/4 Cup Mango, finely chopped
5 Garlic pods
Salt to taste

Method :

Heat oil in a pan and add garlic pods followed by green chillies, grated coconut and mango.

Saute and add the ponnanganni keerai.

Cook well, cool and grind into a fine paste by adding salt and water.

Transfer it to a bowl and serve.

Serving Options :

Serve with Rice or Dosa. 


  1. I would love to see how that leaf looks like... very interesting chutney...

  2. Never made chutney with ponnangani. sounds interesting :)