February 7, 2016

Biryani & Lobia Cutlet / Diet Friendly Recipe - 69 / #100dietrecipes

My lazy Sunday turned into innovative cooking Sunday using yesterday's leftover soya granules brown rice biryani. Tried 3 recipes using biryani and all turned out delicious and tasty. My today's post is one of the recipe using biryani - snack variety and stay tuned for the remaining recipes. The mashed leftover biryani and ground lobia is added along with couple of wheat bread slices and other ingredients is flattened into cutlet shape and cooked on a grill pan using very less olive oil. This nutritious cutlet goes delicious with mint chutney or tomato sauce. The same recipe can be prepared using any leftover biryani and chickpeas can also be used instead of lobia.

Ingredients :

1 Cup Soya Granules Brown Rice Biryani ( Any leftover biryani can be used )  
2 Whole wheat bread slices
1 Cup Lobia / Cow pea / Karamani, cooked
1 Onion, finely chopped
1 Green chilli, finely chopped ( adjust according to taste bud ) 
1 Tbsp Coriander leaves, finely chopped
1 Tbsp Mint leaves, finely chopped 
 Salt to taste 
Olive oil for brushing the pan and smearing

Method :

Mash the leftover biryani and transfer it to a bowl.

Add the cooked lobia in a mixie jar and grind it into fine paste. ( Do not add water ).

Add the ground lobia to the mashed biryani and mix well.

Dip the bread in a water, squeeze and add it to the biryani - lobia mixture.

Now add the chopped onion followed by green chilli, coriander leaves, mint leaves and salt.

Combine all the ingredients to form a dough.

Divide the dough into 9 equal balls.

Take one ball and gently flatten into cutlet shape.

Repeat the process for the remaining biryani balls.

Brush the grill pan using little olive oil and arrange all the flattened cutlets.

Cook both the sides in a lower flame for 15 minutes by smearing little olive oil.

Once both the sides turns crispy and cooked, remove from the grill pan.

Serve hot.

Serving Options :

Serve hot with Mint chutney.