May 15, 2012

Apple Kesari

Sweets make occasions special! We stay in a culture where we celebrate our happiness with sweets...
Noticed my blog yest that i haven't posted sweets so want to make this label special and of course there is one more reason to make more special...My husband's Birthday in a week :) He loves sweets..most of the time he peeps into fridge and search for it ;) So i have decided to prepare sweets daily and post it till his birthday and make this year memorable :))
Here is my day1 sweet recipe " Apple Kesari " and happy that am linking this recipe too....

 Ingredients :

1 Apple
1/2 Cup  Rawa
3/4 Cup sugar
2 Cups Water
4 Tbsp ghee
1 Tbsp Dry grapes
9 Cashewnuts, Chopped
6 Badam, Chopped

Method :

 Roast rawa in a pan until golden color and keep seperately.

Pour water in pan and bring it to boil.

 Add the roasted rawa and stir continuously to avoid forming lumps.

Keep in low flame and cook it for 3 mins or until it gets cooked well.
Meanwhile , take 3/4 th of apple,  peel the skin and grind into paste. Finely chop the remaining apple.

Now add the apple paste and sugar to the rawa, start stirring continuously and mash all the lumps formed at this stage.

Cook it for 2 mins in low flame.
Meanwhile, heat pan and add ghee. Fry cashews, badam, dry grapes and chopped apple.

 Mix the fried items to the kesari and serve hot.

Linking this recipe with let's Cook : with Fruits @ Tickling Palates


  1. Well explained,sure will make this at my home .....luks perfect

  2. Thanks try and post ur comment :)