May 16, 2012

Wheat sweet

Day 2 Sweet Recipe :)
My childhood days flashed in my mind while preparing this mom used to prepare this recipe using maida and name it as "thukda"...myself n my brother used to finish it off the same day :) today i tried the same recipe with wheat flour and my husband loved it :)
After frying, it was little chunky n 15 months old son enjoyed at this prepared little extra for him before adding into sugar syrup...finally my today's recipe turned to snack n sweet:)

Ingredients :

1 Cup Wheat flour
Salt to taste
1 Cup sugar
1 Cup water
Oil for frying

Method :

Add wheat flour and salt in a bowl and prepare dough by adding little water. Consistency of dough should be same as chapathi dough.

Divide into balls and roll them thin in rolling pin by dusting little wheat flour.

Now using knife cut in diamond shapes and keep aside.
Meanwhile boil water and sugar in a low flame. Switch off the gas, once you get the string consistency.

Heat oil  in a pan and fry the diamond shaped in batches.

After frying, transfer them to the sugar syrup. Mix well and keep aside.
Let it cool for an hour or until sugar dries and becomes crunchy. Store it in airtight container.

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