May 19, 2012

Nutty Rosemilk Kulfi

Day 5 Sweet Recipe :

 Rosemilk and kulfi must be all time favourite for everytime...same for me too. It relishes my childhood memory...We used to get kulfi's only at night time, getting permission from mom and enjoing kulfi was awesome experience which never comes back..I hate drinking milk from childhood but when it comes ti rosemilk, i used to grab my glass and drink it, that too if it is chilled words..yummy slurp :) Prepared this nutty rosemilk flavored kulfi yesterday for our dinner...every bite was awesome with all nuts and flavor of rose..yummy....
Beat the summer with Rosemilk kulfi and pour in your comments :)

Ingredients :

2 Cups Milk
1 Tsp Sugar
1 Tbsp Rose milk Powder
5 Cashews
5 Badam
2 Kulfi Mould

Method :

Boil milk and cool it.
Grind Cashew and badam coarsly.

Again boil milk for 2 mins in a medium flame, stirring continously and add the coarsly grounded nuts.

Mix well and add sugar, cook for a minute.
Switch off the stove and add rosemilk powder and stir well.

Cool it for sometime and pour in kulfi mould.

Freeze it for 5 to 6 hours.
After removing from freezer, hold the mould in running water, so that kulfi comes out easily.

Enjoi ur kulfi....

Note :

I have used ready made rosemilk powder which contains sugar already, so added just 1 tsp of sugar.